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Euro Play Casino - withdrawal problems

Posted on 16 May 2014

My whole story is quite long so I'll make it as simple as possible.

My username is < removed >and I am living in Australia

I have been playing Euro Play Casino for about 2-3 months. As I believe Playtech software is quite reliable and enjoyable, I haven't had any problems with playing it.

On 13 January, I deposited $100 AUD and won about $700 and tried to place an withdrawal request. I was kind of knew that they will proceed my withdrawal as late as possible because I have experienced that from my previous request. I requested a withdrawal once on 03 December and I got my money on 5th of January. Everytime I logged in and asked live support, they kept saying "wait 2-3 days more" and it became 1 month at the end. Their favorite answer was "don't worry my friend, you will get your money soon". Surprisingly, I did not complain that time and what I did was keep waiting. Eventually I got my money but was not really happy.

Back to the point, today I couldn't even withdraw my money. I normally used VISA withdrawal (Credit card option) and I tried to place a request as usual. But guess what...

there is no option to select my card which has been completely deleted by some reason. The system remembers my credit card and the only option was to choose my credit card in drop-box menu. Of course I wanted to know what happened, and I immediately click on "LIVE SUPPORT" for assistance.

They said "technical issue" and asked me to come back in 2 hours time (they even gave me the exact time frame). I came back after 2 hours and asked them again. Then, they told me to come back in 2 hours time. I doubt that they didn't even know what was going on there, however, I came back after 2 hours again. now they said come back in 4 hours then it would be fixed by then. I eventually came back again with no more questions. I approached to one of live support agents and explained the same thing again. Now they said because I had pending withdrawal and this was the reason why I could not withdraw. How does that sound? I've done 2 withdrawals last months and that was success without any problems and now they just tried to escape that moment having difficult conversation with customers. I argued with them and wanted to seek for alternative method of withdrawal. The consultant said I can try Citadel withdrawal option (direct deposit to bank) for the time being. I have heard that was not available for Australian residents. I asked him whether it will be processed even though I am living in Australia and the live support guy could not answer.

I made my point that I would like to make sure first before withdrawal and asked him to transfer me to a person in charge.

I was approached to the manager whose name is 'Tomas'.

The blow was the conversation captured:


I: I have spoken to almost all of your team regarding same matter of issue

Tomas: As of now since you are not able to place the withdrawal with VISA, you can make withdrawal with Citadel

Tomas: but not with paper checque

I : is Citadel direct banking?

Tomas: Yes

I is that eligible for withdrawal for Australian residents?

Tomas: yes


He clearly said "yes" for the first. then have a look at the below again.


I : and what about citadel

I : you said it is direct banking to Australian bank

I : how long rougly it will take?

Tomas: 2 to 7 business working days

I : the reason why I keep asking you is your team members told me Citadel is not available for me

Tomas: Yes but since there's sone technical issue processing withdrawal via VISA

I : it makes me little bit confusing as none of you saying that can be my alternative option for withdrawal

Tomas: that's why I am asking you to make the withdrawal with VISA

I : hang on...

I : consuing again

I : u said Citadel can be possible for me to have withdrawal

I : and now you're saying do it with VISA?

Tomas: ok

I : ??????

Tomas: Send one E-mail to suppor¬≠[email protected]¬≠uro¬≠pla¬≠yca¬≠sin¬≠

I : send what..

Tomas: E-mail

I : about ?

Tomas: with question, whatever question you have right now

Tomas: ?

I : sorry back to the point

I : my question is simple all right?

I : i wanna withdraw my money

I : and VISA is not working at the moment right?

I : can I withdraw with Citadel or not

I : i know you guys never respond to email which I've experienced since I joined here

Tomas: simple send an E-mail

I : i will

I : but what is your answer?

Tomas: you will get all answer of your questions

I : hey tomas listen

Tomas: what answer ?

I : my question is just one

I : since VISA is not working.. can I withdraw with Citadel and is that working for me?

Tomas: and I already asnwered, try to place them if it allowed you

Tomas: rather keep it in your playable account

I: now your answer has been changed right?

Tomas: and we will try to process

I : u can't even guarantee whether that's working

I : this is so great..

Tomas: Whatever

Tomas: I can not answer anything more

I : i may need to come back later then

I : calm down there

Tomas: if you want you can send one E-mail to suppor¬≠[email protected]¬≠uro¬≠pla¬≠yca¬≠sin¬≠


This is how they treated customers with questions.

I have pending withdrawal of $1000 and $700 still in the system.

I sincerely asked Askgamblers for assistance regarding my matter.

One more things to add regarding my pending withdrawal $1000.

Tomas (he indicated himself as finance team) promised that to be proceed by last week but he now says within this week. I hope this will be done as promised this time.

Posted on 17 January 2014

I am now able to request a withdraw, which is good, however, my pending withdrawal of $1000 requested on 7 January is still "waiting" status.

It is Friday and your finance team head "Tomas" promised this to be processed by last week. He guaranteed this to be done definitely by this week at least but it is still waiting status. Can you please explain what is going to be now?

Posted on 21 January 2014

I still have not received my payment.

On the website my withdrawal request of $1000 on 7 January is still "Waiting" Status.

What is going on? Please answer my question

Posted on 21 January 2014

$700 processed from our end. Please wait for $1000

Posted on 23 January 2014

I am still waiting for my $1000.00 to be cleared as it is still "waiting" status.

first lodged on 7 January and promised guaranteed date has been completely ignored three times.

However, my recent withdrawal request of $700 has been processed, which I really appreciate for an assistance.

Yes, I will wait until I get paid, which seems to be the only option I've got at the moment.

This complaint will never be closed until I get paid in full.

Thanks for giving me such a good opportunity to improve my patience.

Posted on 05 February 2014

 The complaint has ben reopened upon player's request.

@KHJ, there is really no need to post a new complaint while the old issue is still not solved.

Posted on 05 February 2014

Hi, I have been playing euro play casino for about 2 months now.

The software that the casino uses is Playtech which is my favorite and their promotion is excellent.

But, that is probably the only advantage they have.

I have two problems as following:

1. My withdrawal requested on 7th January is still "waiting" status.

Their typical promises were "you will get money soon", "there is some technical issue on finance team", or "within this week". Imagine what.. it has been nearly one month, most of live support agents don't even care about me now as they treat me like a pain in their ass.

2. My wagering has not been counting.

More specifically, I currently have $ 1330 left in my account and my "remaining to wager" balance is just about $ 2090. Most of online casino users may know that it is highly likely that I will withdraw some money at the end unless I wager in a stupid way.

My whole story is this. When I deposited $200, I got 400% matchup bonus which was divided into two bonuses, one is $700 (wagering requirement was $700 x 35 = 24500) and another $100 (wagering requirement was $100 x 30 = 3000). I did not question much initially as not many difference I can see by dividing bonus into two.

However, the last $100 was a kind of trap now I can think of. I haven't had any problems wagering first $700 bit (thus, I finished wagering $24500). and last $100 caused a problem. Whenever I bet $3.00, only 20% of my wagering (i.e. $ 0.60) contributes towards wagering balance. I stupidly believed this to be calculated correctly, and hence I end up with finding out when I wager more than $900. (To be honest, I do not know whether it counted incorrectly from the start of wagering $100 part or not).

I have spoken to their manager, Tomas, and he was quite helpful. But, nothing has been changed for 2 days. He initially told me to come back in about an hour to try whether the wagering is fixed. Of course I came back in about 1 hour later but no surprise, nothing was changed. I came back 24 hours later, no change. 36 hours later, some changes !! guess what. Now, my favorite game is blocked by no reason, and most of the games do not count my wager at all (not even 20% now). Only few number of games (I know I am kinda stupid, i checked by using my money LOL) contribute only 20%, most of other games do not care about my betting. Simply, there is no way to meet my wagering requirement now. If you are frequent online casino user, you may know that I will eventually win some money with my balance $1330 with remaining wagering balance of $2090. I have given up to speak to their live chat support (extremely not supportive, except for Tomas who at least speak some words to me even though noting is guranteed)

Because euro play casino's live support and email never give me a proper answer

I have to lodge a complaint regarding 2 matter above to solve.

Please help me, Askgamlers !!

Posted on 06 February 2014

nothing is changed.. nothing heard from anybody

euro play's live supporters decided to ignore me completely..

I desperately need some help here

Posted on 12 February 2014

Nothing has been changed..

My withdrawal request on 7th Jan is still "waiting" status.

My wagering is not counted properly.

It is highly unacceptable situation.

Posted on 14 February 2014

Dear Askgamblers,

I hope you can help me regarding my problems.

It has been more than a week they haven't done anything about to fix my wagering requirement. My betting has been simply contributing only 25% towards playthrough requirement. It is clearly mentioned on the T&C that all sorts of slots will contribute 100% towards requirement.

In addition, it's now more than 40 days my withdraw has not been paid out.

I hope my concern to be escalated to management and desperately requires immediate attention and action.



Posted on 18 February 2014

nothing has been fixed..

Posted on 20 February 2014

Dear Askgamblers,

I am terribly sorry for bothering you regarding my matters.

First of all, my withdrawal request on 07 January 2014 is still pending..

Second, my wagering problems has not been fixed yet.

I have reported all possible sources to get my wagering problems to be fixed.

Their reply was quite simple.

"due to technical issue, your money will be still pending. Just be patient."

"you have to wager 2077.08 more to request withdrawal"

My wagering is not contributing 100% towards playthrough requirement. Moreover, only few games counts my wagering (but only 25%), rest of the games are even not counted at all (0% !!!)

This is so shocking..really.. it seems that they do not think about to fix my problems.

It is a breach of terms and conditions. They clearly mentioned on the website that all slots including progressive slots will contribute 100% towards wagering requirement.

I would really appreciate if you can directly speak to their representatives for better solution.

Many thanks,

KH Jeon

Posted on 22 February 2014

None of my problems has been fixed..

Please suggest me what to do Askgamblers

Posted on 25 February 2014

none of my concern has been resolved.

I rather waiting for them to fix the wagering problems, I have decided to just play and believe my luck (as it still contributes 25% towards my wagering requirement).

my withdrawal request on 7th January is still "waiting" status..

I won't give up.. I hope this time they will answer my question.

"When is my withdrawal going to be processed?"

Posted on 01 March 2014

Nothing has been changed......

Posted on 13 March 2014

 This is my third attempt for getting my money.

Euro play representatives, please pay me.. it's been more than 2 months now.

Posted on 13 March 2014

Eventually my first withdrawal on 7th January becomes "approved" from "waiting".

However, why my withdrawal request on 24 February is declined and reversed back to the casino money?

I have completed (actually I have completed more than wagering requirement due to suspicious contribution towards wagering calculation, i. e. only 20% calculated whenever I made a bet) all necessary wagering requirement of bonus.

Please let me know what happen to my withdrawal of $1300.00 ?

Posted on 28 March 2014

 Dear Askgamblers,

I am terribly sorry for bothering you.

Please reopen my complaints as my payment has not actually been paid.

Their last response was "Paid..." and I assumed that would be paid in few days.

I have been waiting for about 2 weeks after they said it was paid to my account.

I have checked my interim credit card statement and have also contacted bank but no payment has been gone through whatsoever.

I am also really frustrated as my withdrawal request was on 7th January but I am still striving to have my money what I am eligible.

Thanks very much


Posted on 30 March 2014

Please respond to my concern, europlay representatives..

It's too long time I have been waiting..

Posted on 01 April 2014

I haven't got paid yet..

Posted on 04 April 2014

nothing has been paid yet. I desperately need some assistance askgamblers please..

Posted on 08 April 2014

I haven't received any response nor payment through them..

I desperately need some help please

Posted on 10 April 2014

nothing has been changed..

Please respond..

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