Euro Play Casino - payment delay

posted on July 24, 2013.

On July 10th I have made a withdrawal request of €26,00 which was not paid until now.

14 days later!!!!

In order to make the transfer more easy and fast I have indicated NETELLER as the payment method. However, EUROPLAY neither does not reply to emails nor give any explanation and appologies about the delay.

I have contacted online support and the emplyee talks about technical problems in financial department. For EUROPLAY is acceptable a player wait 14 days to be paid for the amount of €26,00. A great disrespect from EUROPLAY.

posted on July 27, 2013.

Once EUROPLAY does not answer or give any explanation neither here nor by email

I will consider this action not as a payment delay but as a non payment.

posted on July 29, 2013.

Your withdrawal will be cleared with in 3-4 working days..

posted on July 29, 2013.

Paid...Please mark this issue resolved..

posted on July 29, 2013.


I confirm that the payment was done, finally!!