Euro Play Casino. Here we go!!!!

posted on January 27, 2014.

Why oh why did I not read all of the comlaints on here before I made a depsoit and spent countless hours wagering at this casino!!! I made a depsot on the 23rd of january of £25 and received a £100 bonus. I spent all day and night completing the huge wagering requirements and finished with £1100. As you can Imagine I was over the moon but then I find out the max withdrawal is only 10 x your deposit. PATHETIC!!! gutted is an understatement but rules are rules and I guess I should have read the terms better. I certainly would not have made a deposit here if I knew this was the case but anyway, after finding all this out I decided to come to ask gamblers and read some reviews as I am really really desperate for my money inside the withdrawal time frame stated on their website. I have to say it makes painful reading so I checked back with the casino live chat yesterday and begged for no hold ups or excuses with my money and Tomas who I was speaking to assured me he would try and get it done quickly for me which all seemed genuine so I thanked him and left the chat. So this morning I check back with live chat to make sure It was being dealt with and that they definitely did not need any more documents or information only to be told that my withdrawal will be processed in the first week of next month!!!! I burst in to laughter when the exact excuse that I have read about many time on here appeared on my screen, " sorry finance department having technical issues its out of my hands" As you can Imagine I was livid so I have demanded no excuses or hold ups and the chat agent called smith has promised to call the finance team and put an urgent rush on my withdrawal for me. I have said I will check back later today for a progress update. The thing that is really getting to me is I am in a lot of money difficulties at the moment and I emailed them friday explaining how badly I needed my money quickly if possible but got no reply. They know my situation so why would they treat me this way. I can't copy and paste chat from their casino software so I have taken screenshots of all conversations if needed. I realize this is not quite at the complaint stage yet, this is more of a blow by blow account of how this pans out for everybody's reference. We will see.

Matthew Fletcher

user name: H1R79197262

posted on January 29, 2014.

paid...please mark this issue resolved !!

posted on January 29, 2014.

The balance seems to have left my casino account so as soon as I receive the funds i will update