Euro Max Play Casino - not honoring deposit

posted on April 23, 2013.

I decided to open an account at Euro Max Play, a sister casino to Winner casino (playtech).

I deposited $35 to receive a 500% welcome bonus, very generous, using the Idebit payment service.

The deposit went through, and I received confirmation in my bank account immediately that the money was removed. Unfortunately during the deposit a CASINO error occured, stating: Unable to log you in....please contact customer support...etc.etc. along with the phone number to winner casino. I contact live support immediately, and they say that they cannot see a transaction. I then contact Idebit, who immediately sees the transaction, and assures me the casino has received their money. They suggest to have someone at the casino contact them by telephone to have the matter quickly resolved....the casino refuses. The casino then asks me to send a screen shot of my banking page to confirm the payment has gone through, which I do, but still getting nowhere. They advise me to wait patiently for a couple of hours, so I do...still nothing. It is now the next day, no one from the casino has updated me as to anything, the "supposed" 24/7 support is closed, and I still have nothing to show for the money I deposited. My advice is to avoid Winner and all it's affiliates. I have deposited at online casinos for years and I have never EVER heard of a sucessful deposit being held on a customer for 24 or more hours from the time of deposit. It was acknowledged by Hugh, a manager there that it is evident I deposited, but they will email me back when they figure out how to procee­d....r­idi­culous! I just want to play.