Casino Atlanta - Account closed and winnings confiscated without any reason!

Keule44 Austria
posted on May 10, 2016.

I did the registration on 25th of april. I did a deposit of 200.- via paypal. I was winning and I wanted to withdraw 600.-. But the withdrawal via paypal is not possible! They write in their terms that you have to use the same method to deposit and withdraw money! How should this work? The support told me that I need a skrill account to get my money and I have to verify my account. For verification they need 2 IDs with photo and 2 bills. On the 3rd of may the verification was finished and my skrill account was ready for the transfer of my money. So I entered the withdrawal of 600.- via skrill. In their terms they write that this transaction lasts max. 48 hours on workdays. On the 9th of may I tried to catch the online chat and I tried the telephone numbers from the support. This is a teaser, but I made it. I had the chance to talk to the online chat. I asked him about my withdrawal. He told me, that the first withdrawal can last a little bit longer. This was the same answer my girl friend got, when she asked about her withdrawal of 850.-. After her question to the support, they closed her account and they didnt answer her further questions. So I took the chance and asked the online support why they closed the account of my girl friend. One second later the online support told that multi accounting is forbidden and he has to inform the security department.
With this sentence he closed the chat and 2 seconds later my account was also closed. So you see how fast they can act if they want.
This was not the whole story. Otobet is also a part of Repus Apud like Casino Atlanta. So I tried if my account with a balance of 2000.- is still there - surprise - this account with the balance of 2000.- is also closed. So after this experience I can not believe that the two platforms of Repus Apud are serious casinos and I am sure that they wont pay out my winnings and the winnings of my girl friend.

posted on May 15, 2016.

Dear @Keule44,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.