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All Slots Casino - Verification Issues

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Disputed casino All Slots Casino
Reason Verification issues
luckydaze United Kingdom Message
Posted on October 10, 2014

Hi there, I am having issues withdrawing my winning from All slots casino. This is my first withdrawal and I understand the need for Identification. The issue I have is that I have advised the Casino I do not have a passport or driving licence and have sent them official goverment letters showing all my details, copy of front and back of my bank card and photo Id, which is my student card and my works Id which shows my photo, name and organisation. The money has now been returned to my account again!
I first requested a withdrawal over 2 weeks ago and when i logged in a week later it had been returned, I had received no communication fro allslots stating why so when I withdrew again I spoke to support who advised it was been processed. I received an email today asking for my driving license even though I have told them I don't have one. I am finding this very frustrating as sent them what I can and happy to send more bills etc but I am getting no where.

This has really put me off these sites and I know that I should have checked withdrawal process but I cant send what I don't have. I cant understand why they cant take this into account when I have sent them other Id which is accepted elsewhere. Any help appreciated.

Posted on October 11, 2014


You will need to send an official ID documents

Driving License
ID card

They need a proof that you is really you, and for that they need an ID - a student card or a work ID card won't work i'm afraid...the money will stay in your account till you provide a valid ID doc; while I understand the frustration, keep in mind that a valid ID is needed by many other organizations (airport for example) and it is maybe time you get an official ID to avoid future issues of any kind



luckydaze United Kingdom Message
Posted on October 11, 2014

Thanks for your response Roberto,

As I have already advised I do not have a passport or driving licence, I find it absurd that Casino are ok with taking our money yet it is a struggle to receive winning. I have sent them enough information to prove who I am which has my NI number on, name address etc and are from government organisations.

I will be getting a passport some time in the next few months but am very frustrated that I will not be able to withdraw winning until this time. I am annoyed that when I have e-mailed allslots the response is robotic when clearly I am asking if they will accept anything else I am just been told the same thing over and over again even though I have explained I do not have either. Surely everything I have sent proves it is me especially when all together and yes some organisations ask for passport but if you do not have this they do accepts other forms as long as it is sufficient.

So basically I am been told yet again that without passport or driving licence I cannot withdraw? Again not helpful.

Posted on October 12, 2014

Unluckly to request ID is standard procedure for many casinos: this is done to prevent frauds, imagine someone gets access to your credit card and starts playing: he won't be able to cash out without providing information that he is the real owner of that credit card, typically sending a copy of the ID and a copy of an utility bill...don't worry, the money will be waiting for you in your account

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