Do not play at Atlantis Gold Casino unless you want to wait for over 2-3 months for payments!

posted on October 7, 2015.

This is my second complaint regarding this casino. I won 25,000 back in July. Since then I have only received 1 payment! The second payment was supposed to be paid on Sept. 15th. Then I get another e-mail of a delay of 2-3 weeks. Then I get another e-mail stating that due to velocity and some other excuse it is AGAIN delayed. I have now been waiting 2 months for a second payment and now they wont even answer my e-mails. Below please find the e-mails they have sent me with the dates so everyone can see they just don't pay when they say they will and give you excuse after excuse. This casino has the worst customer service and I would really hope NO ONE plays here unless you want to win and never see your money for months if your lucky.

Below please find the e-mails I have received and now they don't answer at all.

Dear Debra,

Good day! Thank you for contacting us. Payment will be sent in increments of 2000. Please note that third party processors implemented new rule of having limits for payments which is beyond our control. This was implemented for security and protection of funds. As such, next schedule of payment processing is on Sept 15. We hope this clarifies.


Dear Debra,

Good day! Thank you for contacting us. Once wire payment is released, it will take more or less 5 business days for
payment to be received.


Dear Debra,

Good day! Thank you for your email. We've been informed that payment method will be thru wire. Due to velocity limitation per customer per amount, delay will be experienced in receiving payment. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience.


Dear Debra,

Good day! Thank you for your email. We are looking into 2 to 3 week processing time.


This is the last e-mail I have received since October 1st. so now it is two months of delays, and technical difficulties and still no answer and NO MONEY PAID!!!!

Best of luck if you play in this casino. Go to ANY other casino and you will get paid in a timely manner , better customer service and actually get paid without waiting months for money that is yours.

BTW this is ONLY the second payment. They still owe me 19,000.00 I will probably see that next year if I am lucky.

Dear Debra,

Apologies for inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, we are experiencing technical difficulties with our servers at the moment.

Our technical support team is currently working on this. We'll get back to you on status of your account.

posted on October 12, 2015.

Dear @Gamblerdeb,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

posted on October 12, 2015.

Yes, now they have no "current correspondence from their own processor.....This casino is just full of lies and delays and excuses. Please let me know where I else I can write about hem so every player is aware of what I and I am sure hundreds of other players are going through as well. Please advise so I can report them to every site and hopefully save some other players from going through the months of misery and flat out lies this casino has put me through,. Read the e-email below which I received last week,.How can you NOT know when the processor will pay. They work for YOUR casino!!!! Seriously...

Dear Debra

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, no current correspondence from the payment processor was received. I wish that I could provide more information but this is where we stand as of now. We guarantee though that valid payout requests are honored and we are on the same page in pursuing payment processed.
Best regards,

Amanda Anderson

Accounts Analyst

posted on February 18, 2016.

This case has been reopened upon submitter's request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give it one more shot for both parties to reach to a mutual agreement how to solve the issue.

posted on February 18, 2016.

This casino has the worst payouts ever! They still owe me over $15,000 which is paid in $2000 increments. They withdrew $2000.00 on December 18th and I still have not received my money. They already withdrew a second $2,000 and that process has not even started,. I c\have called and e-mailed over 30 times and the only e-mail I have gotten was that there was "technical issues". Nobody answers any e-mails or tries to help. They dont answer the phone. It is horrible. Beware if you play in this casino because I have been waiting two months and still no clue as to when I will be paid. I need someone to help me resolve this issue. I want my money and want to know when I will get it. Thank you,

posted on February 19, 2016.

Today is 2/18 and Atlantis Gold Casino has withdrawn two payments of $2000 which they now owe me $4000.00. The first withdrawal was taken out on December 18th so today is 2 MONTHS and I have not received the first payment. The second payment has been over a month and again NO PAYMENT. All I hear is maybe one e-mail stating technical issues and today I finally got an e-mail from the VIP host claiming the finance department is having issues with the financial payouts. How can a casino have issues with payments? I think two months is simply unacceptable and need this resolved immediately. Not to mention the 30+ e-mails I have sent that have never been answered, I would like an answer or at lease a time frame as to when I will get the money that is due to me. They dont seem to have any problems when we make deposits only when they have to pay out. This casino consistently has slow payouts. Two months is not only ridiculous its a slap in the face of a true Gambler who plays thousands of dollars. They should be bending over backwards to get me my money so I would want to play in their casino. Very disappointed and waiting and waiting and waiting to no avail.. Please help if you can. The only thing I have left is to post and publish their incompetence in every forum I can and maybe the bad publicity will save other players from playing in this casino.

posted on March 14, 2016.

The complaint has been reopened upon submitter's request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give one last chance for a successful resolution.

posted on March 14, 2016.

I have been waiting for 3 months for two withdrawals totaling $4,000. Not only has this casino not paid me. They dont return my e-mails and now they have BLOCKED my e-mails. They dont have a phone number so I have no way to get in touch with them to find out about my money. This casino is a fraud! no one should play in this casino. I just want the money owed to me and now I am being blocked from asking them any questions. I need resolution immediately.