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Grand Reef Casino - Dishonest behaviour & Payment delays

Posted on September 20, 2016.

I won a jackpot on 26 July 16, I requested withdrawal on 27th July. I received an email on 27th July stating withdrawals are processed within 1-5 business days. Nothing came I rang on the 6th day then got told no, it takes 30 days to process. (no where in the t's and c's does it state that) I referred back to the email, got told it was a standard email, I said thats not good enough, if there are going to be delays like that then it should be stated in the t's and c's. Then I got told no its not 30 days its 30 "working" days and it has to be verified by playtech but we have escalated your query to the pitboss. Got an email from the pitboss stating that they would look into it and it takes up to 30 working days but that they would speak to playtech and try to get it sorted faster. So many promises during that time and excuses for delays such as problems with finance, delays with international payments, only one person can deal with my query etc etc. Got told if I needed to be verified (which I already previously had been) they would send email requesting further info within that intial 5 days, nothing came. Then August 16th get an email requesting all these documents to verify myself, then tried to send the info back, email kept rejecting. Finally come the 30 working days still no payment, then get told that nope jackpot funds wont be paid out in full (nothing in the t's and c's say that jackpots will not be paid out in full) then get told that clause 14 states there is a maximum cash out to any player of $25,000 per 30 days, clause 16 states that the jackpot will be paid out once verified. I then referred them to clause 19 which stipulates that verified players have no maximum cash out stipulation. Got told its not up for discussion and that they were going to pay me out on their payment plan of $5K per week I said I was not interested in a payment plan, again not up for discussion. During that time I requested the withdrawal amount higher than amount of jackpot win and those funds were held back for some time too so I said that has nothing to do with your supposed verification this should have been paid out to me by now. Finally weeks later I got the difference but it was put thru from an account that had nothing to do with the casino, it was some random indian persons account from my country. I queried this, got told what does it matter at least you got the money, so Im thinking this is very strange what the heck is going on is this legitimate. No answers. Finally their installment plan apparently starts, I received 1 payment which was put back in apparent "refunds" as 47 $100 transactions and two $150 transactions, again I queried this method as when I requested the withdrawal I was told that a refund back to a card was not possible so I had to provide account details which i did. So why was it put onto my card? (apparently that option was not available) It took 4 days to show in my account from when they apparently processed it. Since then, I contacted the pitboss stating how unhappy I was and that I had no confidence I would get the funds on time, I was personally guaranteed there would be no issues. Well what do you know. No further payments. The amount owed to me is $60,576.25. With their payment plan (which no where in their terms and conditions does it state that jackpots are not paid out in full, nor does it state that they would be paid in installments) it will take (if they stick to it, which they have already broken) 13 weeks to get the funds. I said thats ridiculous, what if someone won a massive jackpot of like a million dollars, you would pay them out at $25K per 30 days, that would take years to pay them! So everytime I call (and I have called almost everyday, sometimes several times a day) there is a different excuse or no one is available or they are having issues with their finance team or international payments or this or that or the next thing, but dont worry we have "escalated" your query and someone will be in touch, most of the time I dont hear back. Now I have been asked to register for a Neteller account as apparently that will help me get my funds quicker, well I did a search and there are just as many complaints about this system as there are about this casino so I am not comfortable doing this, I have enough problems now trying to receive my funds without adding another institution to deal with. Plus my query is they already have 2 different ways to deposit to me why cant either be used? Why after 6 years of being online do they still have issues with their payments? Why advertise jackpots if you cant pay them out in full it is very misleading and dishonest. Why cant I just get an honest answer and no more excuses. Why do they always delay peoples payments, surely duping people into playing and misleading them is coercement if its not clear they have no intention of paying them out in full and if they make a payment plan without consultation. This should be stipulated in their terms and conditions. I have loads of emails, too many to post on here to back up my complaint. Why send a "generic" email stating 1-5 working days to process withdrawal if it doesnt apply to jackpots, there should be a separate email if this is different to generic withdrawals. I raised these issues back in July and still their terms and conditions are the same and have not been updated. Casinos should not be allowed to continue to abuse their players trust in this manner by being dishonest and deliberately delaying payments and arranging what suits them to payout the withdrawals it is very misleading, very dishonest and I am never playing again. (despite their repeated efforts of free bonuses to entice me). Honesty should be a given. Instead they continue to disrespect their players every single day and treat them as idiots.

Posted on September 23, 2016.

Dear @hones­tyi­sbe­stp­olicy,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

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