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LewisK1996 United Kingdom Message
Posted on December 28, 2014

I have recently had an appalling experience with the company in question.

Firstly, I had seen their advert on TV with the promised £20 no-deposit bonus and I decided to sign up and give it a go.

After playing several hours of live roulette, I had won over £100. I then went on to live chat to ask how much further I had to go, to complete my wagering requirements. At which point I was advised that I had only cleared a small percentage, this was due to roulette contributing 20% towards wagering requirements.

At this point I was directed to a page which stated which games contributed what, in regards to wagering requirements. I discovered the slots were worth 100% of the wagering requirements, therefore I decided to play some slot games aswell as continuing to play live roulette.

I eventually completed the wagering requirements and now all I had to do was wait on my documents being verified. In which after a delayed process they were and I was advised that I could then withdraw £100 maximum from my bonus once I had deposited £20 of my own money.

I went ahead an complied with their rules and advice and submitted my deposit and immediately withdrew my funds and deposit (£120).

After a delayed process of 4 days, I was then informed that my withdrawal request was at the discretion of a management decision. In which, again, I waited to hear a response. To my delight, I received an e-mail stating my withdrawal had been approved.

However, my delight was short-lived after I received a strategically timed e-mail afterwards, noting that only my deposit was withdrawn and my bonus funds had been removed from my account. With the inclusion of the reasoning that: "Due to bonus abusing betting pattern" (T&C 13.2).

But I am absolutely innocent of this and have requested firm proof from the company. I have also advised them I will be contacting their ADR (IBAS) regarding this issue as Casino.com are firm in their stance.

I would now go out of my way to discourage people from using this site as it is simply one big scam. They have no intentions of paying out bonus winnings even if you have tread extremely carefully throughout to meet every demand of their terms and conditions.

I hope this is helpful to people.

Posted on December 23, 2014

Thank you for your correspondence.
This customer accepted the free £20 sign up bonus.
As with all operators offering bonuses, this is not customer’s own funds and bonus funds must be wagered in a normal way and not solely in a way designed to exploit the free award of money – as stated in our website T&Cs.
The customer wagered his funds in a way that was designed solely to exploit the bonus award and breached sections 13.7 and 13.2 of our website T&Cs – which all customers agree to abide by when registering with us.
As a result, winnings were cut with the deposit returned back to the customer.
While not at liberty to discuss the details of this incident on this public forum, we would advise the player to take note of Section 17 of our website T&Cs - our Complaints Handling Process. If he wishes to refer the complaint for adjudication, we are bound to fully abide by this referral and any decisions made against us should his complaint be upheld.
Best regards

LewisK1996 United Kingdom Message
Posted on December 24, 2014

Hi. Thanks for the response, Chris. It is refreshing to actually get a response from your site.

I totally reject your claim that I exploited the bonus and I am still awaiting proof, almost a week after I requested it directly from your site.

I have contacted your support team more than 5 times now without response regarding my complaint and I find quite ironic you have told me to follow the procedure.

I was outlined a 72 hour period in which to wait for your response. I have now been waiting 6 days, and have prompted your support team throughout.

It was a nice try by yourselves to send me an e-mail stating that as I had not responded to your automated e-mail that my case was now closed. I have since e-mailed several times requesting a response, to no avail.

I know you do not have valid proof of any wrongdoing on my behalf however I look forward to receiving the documentation anyway, so that I can pass it on to IBAS.

You are all too keen to send me the latest deposit promotions, in contrast to your continued dodging of my complaint.

I am fully aware of your stance and that you will not be budged. After all, you only wish to con people into thinking their bonus is withdraw-able. Therefore, as you are aware, I have no option but to contact IBAS.



Posted on December 28, 2014

This complaint is unresolved. We didn't get evidence from a casino to back up their statement. Also player will seek further help with IBAS.