Dendera casino - won't pay on 10% bonus deposit

posted on May 6, 2014.

ok today its very short & sweet, played at dendera
was a good depositing player, i received a bonus of 10% of deposits , you were allowed to withdraw 7 x's the amount, i made the playthrough & cashed out 150 dollars, I received an email from them on april 3rd that they refunded my 150 back to 2 of my prepaid cards after awhile i didn't receive the money we we were emailing back & forth , i was told i had tried to blackmail them ,that i had chargebacks at other rival casinos ,they closed my account & tried to ban me from every rival casino, so now i am banned locked out of the casino , & thet still insist that they sent the money i have not received a penny & its the same as i see on other complaints because it takes 30 days for your card provider to receive the money, i used prepaid visa cards, they run their batches several times a day , so like i said i was a depositing player who finally won on a 10 % deposit bonus & they refuse to pay me 150 dollars, help if you can as they are sending childish emails saying ,we won email us as much as you want thank you i have a lot of emails that i will only send if asked to Dawn