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Dendera Casino refusing to pay me £1450

Posted on 20 July 2015

I played on Dendera and won some money which i then kept reversing back as i was having fun, i then won overall £1450 and thought thats enough so i will cash out. I contacted chat and spoke to and advisor about locking the account so that i was no longer able to rollback winnings, they advised me that i could freeze the account which i did. The next day i received an email from the casino asking to send in verification documents and another email asking to download and update the casino software.(i had only used the instant play option) I emailed the casino back and asked if i could send in online bank statements as i no longer had any paper or hardback statements as everything was paperless and also that i could not download the update as i had froze my account the day before and that i did not have a printer for the declaration of deposit amounts. They then told me they would accept no other method and once again told me to update and install software in a number of hours. I then emailed back again and said the account was frozen how could i do this. The casino responds and tells me that the account is not frozen, to which i then reply ok ill update when i am home from work at 23:30. Next email i receive is that the casino will not pay out any winnings as they believe this is a scam and that i am part of some "syndicate" Obviously i am outraged and email back and ask how they have come to this conclusion as it just seems as though the casino does not want to pay out my winnings , now prior to their email about fraud i was receiving contact within a couple of minutes after it i received no further communication. i went back to work and 6 hours later with still no response i contacted live chat and asked what was happening only to be told by the chat advisor who was of no help that i "must have crossed over the lines". I sent in a number of emails and copies of my passport and driving license and a copy of a store credit card which showed my address, i even stated that i would go into the bank and request a statement and get it stamped if they needed it. Again, no response so once again i contacted chat to find out what was happening to only be told to be patient as my documents were under review.

This morning i received the same email that i initially did which states that the casino believes its fraud and have refunded my deposits and that is their final decision, however there is no explanation or how they have come to this conclusion.

i genuinely believe that this is a scam or rogue casino as they have provided no proof of this supposed scam and simply just want an excuse not to pay out!!

i have kept all emails and chat transcripts if they are needed.

Posted on 21 July 2015

Hi there,

We have linked you to a group of people running a scam on Rival casinos. You tried the scam yourself at another Rival.

We won't reveal the scam on a public forum, however we will gladly share details with the admin here.


Posted on 21 July 2015

Yet you won't even tell me what this supposed scam is when I ask, go ahead tell admin who can tell me. In fact rather than tell me you have just emailed back to say stop emailing me. This casino is a scam!

Posted on 21 July 2015

The casino has failed to produce any answers when I have asked about this 'scam' but instead send me the same email again and again which is their response on this casino. Never once have they provided proof or explained how they have got to this conclusion. I am a individual player and I do not play with anyone else!

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