Titan Casino - Delaying payment £12,868

Kevin02476 United Kingdom
posted on January 30, 2015.


I uploaded £150 to Titan casino as I seen it was in the top 3 casinos in the uk, so as I was playing on like roulette I think received a bonus of £400 in witch I carried on betting I got up to around £4000 and took a look at the wager requirements witch was £15,000 so basically staking £75,000 in witch to over turn the wager. It took me a couple of days while I was playing I got a email from the finance team to send ID, I sent my driving licence I got quite a wick response back of the casino saying I have passed sercuity and confirmed the ID.
Two days past playing the casino and I over turned the wager and collected £12,868 on the 28/1/15 I then got a e-mail to send my ID to confirm who I was, I went on to the chat witch I have kept. They said I need to send my passport and bank statement to the Philippines, I thought I'm not doing that.

I then contacted the gamblers comission in witch case they told me not to send them and try to get an alternative so they asked me to get notarised ID so after taking a day of work and spending a day trying to find a solicitor that does this I finally get my passport photocopied and bank statement signed and stamped witch cost me £150! I now need to send this via air mail witch is again at a cost.

I think this is beyond a joke how I've got to go to this much extent and at a cost already.. I've been a VIPs member of a number of casinos winning money regular but never had to do something like this before.. I hope when they receive the documents they send the payment right away as I do rate their website and customer service. I have kept all chats and emails and pictures of the site for safe keeping. I will keep you updated on this
Username - kevin02476

Kevin02476 United Kingdom
posted on February 3, 2015.

As an update to this I have now sent my Notarised ID off to the address they sent me...

I received an email with a new address and the address they gave me was a PO box and where unable to have someone to sign it. I now need to get it again witch will cost me another £150 and a day off work.

On the upside they have accepted my ID that I have sent via email.

Will keep you updated.

posted on February 7, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

Kevin02476 United Kingdom
posted on February 7, 2015.

No update as yet. Still telling me they have not received the ID but it was signed for on Wednesday I clearly think they do not want to pay me. I think how a massive casino can do this to people is beyond me. Will be ringing the gamblerling commission Monday

Kevin02476 United Kingdom
posted on February 11, 2015.

I have tracked my Parcel and it has finally got there I will no more in the next couple if days.. I hope they process it as they said they will in full