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PartyCasino - Delayed Payment, Poor Communications for Rectification

Posted on July 5, 2018.

26th June 2018. Fast Bank Transfer ((Wire Type)withdrawal was initiated for 4723.28 EUR to my bank account. This withdrawal method used previously with payment arriving in my account within 24 Hours in my Bank account.

27th June 2018 Approved confirmation email received and expect funds in 2-4 business days. I confirmed with support that it is approved and the money is sent.

29th June 2018 - Contacted Support said was approved and money sent on 28th June 2018. That is ok but contradicted support conversation from previous today. Email trail stored to support this.

3rd July 2018 - A smaller withdrawal that I made on 27th June 2018 which was approved on 28th June 2018 arrives in my bank account using same transfer method as the first withdrawal made the day previously.

3rd July 2018 - No money received in account. Contacted support they sent me a payment confirmation voucher details all correct on the form for my bank account / bank name / Beneficiary and swift code. Payment looks to be transferred by Kalixa Accept Limited party's payment provider.

4th July 2018 - No Money Received in account. Went to Banks head office in the city with "Payment confirmation" that party provided - Remittance centre looked at the "payment confirmation" check all details correct. Checked their system no transfer of such in their banking system and no transfer as such pending.

Support state they are aware of my case and they are giving it high priority. No time frame was given, what they are working on or how they intend to resolve this.

Summary - I receive Wire transfers daily into this account from all over the world max time is 24-48 Hours. Note the second transfer that as withdrawn one day after the original and approved one day later arrived in my account using same method to same bank on 3rd July 2018.

No real resolution or intentions from support given as of now.

Posted on July 5, 2018.

5th July update - Party support simply stating another department is dealing with it. No information about whom is dealing with the case or what they are actually doing to resolve it or contact details

Poor communications "Another department is dealing with it and we will let you know via email" Is the support response over and over again. Not professional.

I contacted my bank this afternoon. They state that once again no payment arrived today and that there is nothing pending on the account. Bank Remittance department stated that the money will have been sent back to the originator by now. And that the originator are the only people who can trace a wire transfer.

Thank you to Askgamblers for publishing my case. I have emailed supporting documents to Askgamblers.

Posted on July 5, 2018.


We've been reviewing this case, and noticed your play has been exclusively on the PartyPoker site.

We will ask one of our representitives to contact you and resolve it.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,

The PartyCasino Team

Posted on July 5, 2018.

A very concerning support chat attached to this post which just occurred with the casino support following a confusing email.

It is basically saying as the casino have provided me a Proof of Wire Transfer that is enough evidence to state the money arrived in my account....

I asked them to show me the trace that they have apparently completed and they said they cannot.

I tried to make it clear as I am sure they aware, The recipient of the transfer cannot trace the funds and that the receiving bank cannot unless it arrived at the Banks remittance centre which it did not.

What is worrying is that, A proof of Instigating a Wire Transfer from them. Seems to be their understanding that the money is received in destination account. That is not how wire transfers work.

Interesting reading.

Posted on July 5, 2018.

Received phone call from Party. Initial need more business days it may turn up in your account. I see.

Now this is where it breakdowns. Following live chart (Script as evidence) it clearly states they ran a trace and the money is at my Bank (Not in my account) but at the bank.

Then the phonecall now she stated it may turn up need more business days. But I thought you just told me that you completed a trace and it was at my bank in the live chat. I called my bank again they said 100% it is not here. So who is telling the truth here my bank or support?

Ok I asked on the phone may I have a copy of the "Trace" that was run. No sir all we give is the proof of payment. I see.

Ok can I have the swift code, Bank name and country of the sending bank maybe i can ask my bank to do something with that. No sir. I see.

Ok since you stated the money is at my bank from the trace you completed, Can you tell me the date that the money arrived at my bank. No sir. I see.

I was put on hold a few minutes and then told they need more time and will call me back....

Posted on July 5, 2018.

During the course of the complaints process it became clear that this case is referring to PartyPoker website and not to Party Casino. As per the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service Guidelines - https:­//w­ww.a­sk­gam­ble­rs.c­om­/co­mpl­ain­t-g­uid­elines we can only process complaints for casinos/websites that are listed on AskGamblers website. Further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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