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Drake Casino - Delayed payment - 3 weeks still waiting!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Drake Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 2793
Berb777 United States Message
Posted on October 10, 2014

I would like it to be known off the bat that Drake casino, to my knowledge is NOT a rogue Casino!! It is a very good Casino and I did NOT want to file a complaint originally! I would like it to be known that I would not be filing this complaint had support at Drake casino been more willing to help. It is now the 14th business day and 21 days after I initiated a withdrawal at Drake Casino. Around the 7th business day or so I began to contact Drake Casino support as I was becoming worried about my bank wire withdrawal taking so long. I read online that Jay Drake Casinos manager said that it usually doesn't take longer than a week. So for days I would go to support asking for a wire trace to be initiated, but was only told that everything was ok and that they would not initiate a wire trace. At one point I was told by one member of support that they would initiate a wire trace by the 10th business day if I had not received the money in my account by then. The 10th business day came and Drake casino would not honor what "Kelly" from support said as it was still within the 12 business days. The next day (11th business day) I took it upon myself to ask Drake Casino Payouts team if they could check the info the wire transfer was sent to and let me know what the info was. Drake casino payouts team checked and sent me the info the wire withdrawal was sent to but with the response: was the info correct for an INTERNATIONAL wire?

I was sure it was as I had withdrew from Winaday casino on several occasions international bank wires with just such info. But I double checked with my banks wire department just to be safe and sure enough: the routing number I used was my local routing number and there was a special international routing number for international wire transfers.

I quickly contacted Drake Casino with this info as well as the proper Routing number and was told that their third party bankers would send the money back to the casino if it was the wrong info. I checked this Monday the 22nd and Drake casino stated that their third party bankers had received the funds back but that I would have to wait till the funds were returned to Drake Casino, and then they would be returned to my Drake Casino account, and then I could initiate another Wire withdrawal!! And wait another possible 12 days!!

Drake casino support has not been very friendly or helpful throughout this ordeal. I was told at one point that my fee of $60 for the wire transfer withdrawal would be refunded but then was later told that I was not going to pay for the returned money but that the full $2793 I won would be put back in my casino account. Why should I pay for a returned fee, or even the $60 fee after waiting so long and not getting my money!? I was not aware that the bank wire was an international one or that my local routing number wouldn't work (as I said Winaday Casino had sent me several international wire transfers to my local routing number). In short I would like my money already, service with Drake has been poor and it had now been about 3 weeks and no one can tell me how much longer this will take!? In the meantime, money that I counted on days ago, won't be here for at least a week at earliest!! I do not understand why Drake has to wait to receive their funds before refunding me, if their bank has the funds as they state and are sending the funds to Drake Casino shouldn't they just resend the wire to the correct info?! In the meantime I have to wait longer just so Drake can get their money!! 3 weeks so far and no money, I only hope that my money comes in soon!! And no Drake Casino to my knowledge is not a Rogue casino, they are just a good casino with a poor attempt at helping a very odd situation that could not have been foreseen!!

Berb777 United States Message
Posted on September 26, 2014

Lies and stall tactics!! This is all I have gotten from Drake Casino as of late!! They are now trying to ask me for a bank statement to prove that I didn't receive the funds even though they have said that the funds were sent back to their bankers and is on it's way back to them! Supposedly they initiated a wire trace last week on Wednesday but now they are saying that in order to INITIATE A wire trace they need my bank statement!? I have been asking for a wire trace for 2 weeks now and got nothing but NO's and the run around!! This casino has horrible service!! If in fact they are not rogue, which I am starting to question they certainly have terrible service!! Please help Askgamblers!

Posted on September 26, 2014

Hi Berb777,

I'm sorry to read about your experience with your withdrawal. I am working with the Payouts Manager to get caught up with the situation and will be back to you with a resolution in the next few hours. Thanks for your patience while we get this sorted out, please rest assured we will honor your payout.


Berb777 United States Message
Posted on September 26, 2014

Thank you Jay for the quick response! I just sent a copy of my bank statement from August 16th to September 26th showing the wire wasn't received (as requested) to payouts. As I said before I donations what this is needed for but I am happy to comply as I hope to receive my payout soon! Thank you for your time and help Jay! I look forward to a resolution!

Berb777 United States
Posted on September 27, 2014

*As I said before, I do not know what this is needed for but I am happy to comply as I hope to receive my payout soon. I am using my iPhone and autocorrect messed up what I was trying to write previously!

Berb777 United States Message
Posted on September 27, 2014

It has now been ALL DAY and Jay has not gotten back to me as I was told. I just got back from live support and they said he left till Monday! So what I was told would be a few hours to a resolution is now till Monday at earliest! Not surprised at all...this is the kind of run around I have been getting with Drake casino payouts, live support, and now from the manager himself! I guess the message here is that I am just not that important as a player at Drake Casino. Below is the live chat messages from my recent support chat:

Your Question: Id like to know when Jay will get back to me as to the resolution of my payout problem? On Askgamblers he said it would be a few hours?

Operator: Timothy .

21:13 Your Question: Id like to know when Jay will get back to me as to the resolution of my payout problem? On Askgamblers he said it would be a few hours?

21:13 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

21:14 You are now chatting with Timothy . - Drake - Live

21:14 Timothy .: One moment please.

21:16 Timothy .: Did you provide them with the statement as yet?

21:16 < name removed > : Yes this morning

21:17 Timothy .: Ok, you would need to contact him on Monday.

21:18 < name removed > : Monday? He was suppose to get back to me in a few're saying I have to wait all weekend before I will even hear back from him?

21:18 Timothy .: He already left for the day.

21:19 Timothy .: He will be back on Monday.

21:20 < name removed > : When is my payout going to be sent to me? Can I at the very least have a comp to play in the meantime while I wait further?

21:20 Timothy .: I'm sorry, but I am unable to anything into your account at this tiime.

21:21 < name removed > : That's fine..I will post on askgamblers how I was told this whole matter would be resolved in a few hours and now it is being dragged out till Monday at earliest!

21:22 < name removed > : You guys sure are not good at keeping your word!

21:22 Timothy .: I'm sorry you feel that way. However I won't be able to provide you with any further information. Only the payouts department can assist you properly.

21:23 < name removed > : And when are they back in the office?

21:24 Timothy .: Monday.

21:24 Timothy .: They are closed in the weekend.

21:24 < name removed > : Pfff

21:24 < name removed > : Bye

Also I have asked for a comp from support 2 times now and the only answer I got before was that they do not add comps to "winning" accounts! How am I winning in this situation?! Lol...if anything I am on the losing side of a big mess! Also in my previous live chats with Drake Casino I was constantly reminded that "none of this would if happened if I had provided the correct routing number"! As I said before I did plenty of international wire transfers with just such routing number at Winaday casino and they always reachedr within 3 days!

It seems to me the problem is with their 3rd party bankers and poor support! Now I have to wait till Monday to even hear back from Jay...this is so frustrating! I wish Drake casino would just keep their word!

Posted on September 29, 2014

Hi Berb777,

I’m very sorry for the delayed reply. I thought we had updated the Ask Gamblers site on Friday with this but I notice it was not done (nor the comp I explain below). On Friday I spoke with the Payouts Manager and believe I have a full understanding of the situation.

I want to first apologize for the tone of service you received. This is not our style when it comes to supporting customers and I have brought this to the attention of the Payouts Manager.

To recap, you made your initial withdrawal request on September 3rd and submitted it to our processor on the 4th (we received your KYC at 17:59 EST on the 3rd).

We learned on September 19th that the bank wire had not been credited and the routing number was incorrect. This was brought to our attention by you, not our processor. Our processor will tell us if a bank wire has failed as soon as it is returned.

A trace or SWIFT confirmation is the only other way we can confirm that the funds have not hit your account or are not in transit. Unfortunately this issue was escalated during at a time that our processor observes holidays and so we do not expect the wire confirmation until October 1st. If it comes earlier we will act accordingly to get your payment to you or update you on its status. We will contact you proactively on this point.

Finally, there seems to have been some miscommunication with regards to the refund of the withdrawal fee. We normally do not refund these fees when the delay is as a result of a customer submitting incorrect information. I have applied to the fee to your account because of the experience you had and that $60 is in your account today. I’ve upgraded it to $150 for the service experience you related in your post.

Again I’m sorry that you’ve had such a long and drawn out experience with your first withdrawal from Drake but we’re committed to getting you paid. I think we failed in communicating that because the initial routing number was incorrect, we must initiate a trace, and will ensure you receive your payment once we have confirmation the initial one failed.

Please contact our support for any additional assistance. I'm sorry I could not assist you directly on Friday but I am in and out of the office and our CS Team is best suited to assist you.


Berb777 United States Message
Posted on September 29, 2014

Thank you so much for your reply Jay, I understand that I have to wait till the 1st for the SWIFT confirmation trace in the wire transfer and that once it shows that the wire never hit my account I can receive a new wire to my correct info. This is satisfactory to me as it is only two more days and the wire trace will clearly show this. I thank you for the generous comp placed in my account (I almost won on it) and look forward to getting my money soon (hopefully resent the 1st?). I hope to continue playing at Drake casino for years to come and initiate many other (correct) wire transfers! Thank you for your help during this frustrating ordeal!

Berb777 United States Message
Posted on October 1, 2014

Rogue casino!!! Don't ever play hear!!! They will not pay you but instead use every truck in the book to avoid paying you...including putting the funds back in your account instead of just resenting the wire!!!? bank assured me today that with the info I provided that I should of gotten my wire transfer...their processors screwed it up! And instead of sending it out again they just put it back in my account!!! They are tricksters and scam artists! Don't ever play here if you wish to get paid!! All they will do is delay, and try to put money back in your account!! As I said my bank informed me that with the routing number and info I prividrd I should of been paid weeks ago!!! I woukd get wires from Winaday with just such info within 3 days tops!! These guys are Crooks!!! They don't pay and I will be sure to post this in as well as a wealth of other gambling sites and blogs!!!

Berb777 United States
Posted on October 1, 2014

RoGUE CASINO!!! DONT EVER PLAY HERE IF YOU WISH TO GET PAID!!!! After checking back with my banks wire department today they assured me that with the local routing number I originally provided that the international wire should of gone through a long time ago!! Snake Casino (Drake casino) is just that a bunch of snakes, DONT EVER play there seriously!!! I gave them the benefit of the doubt cuz they are a NEW CASINO but they will get what's coming to them!! Once people realize that they are not legit people will stop playing there!! So frustrating I cannot even begin to describe!! I waited 4 weeks for nothing! Liars!!!

Posted on October 4, 2014

We got an information from submitter: Despite that he give casino a correct payment instructions, casino told him that payment instructions wasn't good, and his funds were back on his account. Unfortunately player spend this money, and now he don't have a case any more.

Posted on October 6, 2014

This complaint has been reopened upon casino's request.

Posted on October 6, 2014

Dear Berb777,

I ask to have this reopened as we did not get the chance last week to respond properly. That’s a result of an access issue to this site on our side which I have now resolved. I’m sorry about that.

As we communicated last week, the original bank wire we sent you was sent back to us as failed. I mentioned we would have this information back on October 1st and we did. The processor who sent the wire confirmed that you had provided us with incorrect information, as you stated to us originally.

Our team attempted to contact you on that date and when we couldn’t, we placed the entire amount of $2,733.17 back into your account so you could request another withdrawal and provide us with the correct details to send to. Unfortunately, you played the entire amount and then proceeded to contact us to complain that the funds still had not reached your account.

Had you resubmitted your withdrawal request along with the correct details, we would have worked to expedite it and ensure you had received it as we have with the other customers who have brought withdrawal issues to our attention.

In closing I’d like to just mention that you will receive a rebate tomorrow morning as part of our Tuesday casino rebate promotion. Every week we credit 10% of your casino losses from the previous week net bonuses. You’re welcome to play or withdraw these funds as they don’t contain wagering requirements.

Again, I’m sorry for the poor service experience you received but with the funds now gone, we cannot assist you further with your withdrawal request.


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