BetRally Casino - Delayed Payment

posted on May 8, 2014.

I won € 30.944,62 on BETRALLY. By their T&C´s i only can withdrawal € 2.000,00 a week and it will be processed 3-5 working days after. I made 3 withdrawals of € 2.000,00: 1st on 22 April, 2nd on 29 April and the 3rd on 07 May. The 1st one never get my bank account and already disapeared from casino statement. The 2nd although passed much more than 5 working days remains pending. The third is not delayed but as they didn´t pay the orhers i should not get this one too. I think this is not a real delay. They just do not pay and that´s it. Best regards. Lino Franca.

posted on May 10, 2014.

Hi Lino,

you have 2 paid withdrawals - one from the 22nd and 1 from the 29th...since this is bank transfer, the processing time depends also on your bank. We have paid them.

You have a pending withdrawal from the 7th which is 3 working days ago.

All the best,