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Winner Casino - Delayed Bonus Withdrawal

posted on June 20, 2016.

(company number 16156)
whose registered office is at 60 Nevis Street, St John's, Antigua.

(licence number 2351), an Interactive Wagering License from the Antigua and Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission (licence number 2357) and a remote operating licence from the Gambling Commission of Great Britain (licence number 000-03­912­3-R­-31­931­7-001)


I have an account with Winner Casino and have a problem with the way thier procedures are run.
I believe that they are purposely advertising free spins and other promotions on the website that lead to direct losing of your own money. I have been a victim of this in the following way:

I signed up to the casino to recieve a no deposit 99 free spins promotion bonus.
I recieved the bonus and began to choose a slot game and start playing. I am fully aware of casinos using wagering requirements to cover the free bonus in order to secure a higher percentage of people not actually winning with the free money. This particular casino uses a x35 wager requirement. I had a total of £18 bonus money after the free spins i had signed up for had ended. I raised the bet to £2.00 per spin and got a big win, I raised the bet to £4.00 per spin and continued playing. I won a free spins bonus on bet £4.00 per spin. During the free spins I had a big win of £800. After the free spins I went to my account to see how much more money i had to wager in order to withdrawl my winnings. I carryed on untill finally my account said wagering requirements £733.6 - Remaining to wager £0.

I then tried to withdrawal and found that there was an error and I must contact support. I did this and the lady on the phone said I must deposit £20 of my own money using the card I wish to use and withdrawal on then I can take £100 back as this was the max cap for winnings the way I won (through bonus) even though I actually had over £200 I thought was mine.
- So I deposited the £20 using my halifax card ending in 9322. I went back to take out the £120 and was presented with yet another error message. I called up and the customer service dept on number "Phone Toll free: +44-808-1203-498 (UK)" to be told that I needed to send in verification ID. I thought that the act of depositing through my debit card was a way of validation as the £20 had been processed and avaliable as funds so nevertheless I continued to give them what they asked, this was in the form of my driving licence and a utility bill 3 months in date. I sent them this and I was given the answer that this wasnt good enough and they wanted my passport AND my full debit card showing the last 4 digits on front and signature on back. I was very weary of this so I replied through email saying I am not giving you my whole number as this would open me up to all sorts of problems. The customer service guy "Fergus" replied with "Also, feel free to cover the code at the back and the third set of 4 digit numbers at the front."

So I sent them what they asked. They then came back to me via email and said "

Dear Kady,
This is Cjay from the Support Team.
We have received the following;

- ID
- Invalid front copy of the card that ends with 9322
- Back copy of the card that ends with 9322

Please be informed that we need to see the first 6, and the last 4 digits of the credit card numbers.

I was highly frustrated with this so I went on to say I was told I did NOT need to give you all of this. You have my driving licence, my passport,
my ultility bill and my card front and back!!! how is this not enough please allow me my withdrawal. I got a reply back from someone else saying

I am Alfred from Casino Customer Service.
We understand your frustration and we apologize for the inconvenience.
Our security team just needs this last piece of information to enable withdrawal in your account. Kindly submit a front copy of your credit card ending in 9322. The copy should show your full name, and the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card.
Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your email.

I am getting pushed pillar to post with everyone and thier dog on this support network. I continued to send them what they are asking for yet again which this time was my card with all first 6 numbers and the last 4 numbers in plain view with my name, exp date and signature all there to verify easily and promptly. After getting very annoyed with the way I was being treated I decided to call them up today and ask to speak to a manager. Well that turned out to be yet another major spanner in the works. I was repeatedly cut off when asked for a manager to resolve this. There were only 2 people working in the office A lady called Jill and a Lady called Jersey. BOTH were not able to assist me correctly and I asked about 40 times to speak to someone of higher authority to deal with my problem. I was told that there is no manager in the building and I would get a call back when there is. So there is no-one overseeing thier work and when there is a problem that the c/s does not know how to deal with or a question answered there is no one to ask for the customers help or peace of mind. I then went on to say how I understand that they dont wish to give out free money and they probably want to make it difficult for people to actually get thier winnings but I have my own £20 that I depositied into the balance because the lady told me if I do that then the £120 would be accessable! This was clearly a lie. They want me to go away and hope I cant be bothered to carry on the ordeal so I cant access my mere £100 winnings. I told them if they dont wish to give out money then dont offer a promotion where someone like me reads through the t&c's and understands about wagering requirements to go on to win!

I then had my partner call them up and record the call (he told them they were being recorded - as were we with thier phone provider) I had called about 8 times speaking to both Jill and Jersey getting nowhere and no-one to help me - with the added bonus of having the phone cut off whenever I said something they couldnt answer or more to the point didnt want to answer. I had my partner record the phone call during which he had asked them for a copy of thier dispute procedures to my email address. The lady Jersey had no idea what this even was. My partner then went on to ask the contact infomation for winner casinos ADR. Again he was met with pure ignorance. Jersey said "I do not know what an ADR is."

This was beginning to sound very suspect. Partner went on to then say "If you cant show me or send me a copy of your disputes procedures or ADR contact information then you are in breach of the Gambling Commision Rules March 2005" The line went silent and he thought we had another cut off. There was a faint voice so he continued to ask for this basic information that should be widely accessible for public domain. The other lady Jill must have told Jersey something because then magically she said "the dispute procedures page can be found under complaint section on our website"
This took about 15mins to even get this information. I then went onto the casino website whilst my partner was still actively on the phone call to Jersey. I found the complaints section and then Jersey said about IBAS. My partner then said "see how hard was that, I asked for this 10 mins ago" Jersey then replied with " I read it a while ago sir I told you about IBAS" At this point my partner said "when? you didnt say that, you didnt mention that all, you didnt even know what the disputes procedures or ADR contact information was!!!" After then telling Jersey that myself is currently writing an email to IBAS about this situation, my partner continued to ask some basic questions, and said I can ask her to withold the dispute if you can sort this out now. Jersey then went quiet and the line went dead at 16 mins 58 seconds.

I am awaiting contact from the support team about my last email with my card details yet again with the numbers in show they want so I can get my money but to be honest, after googling the casino and finding a review website where pretty much everyone is saying the same thing as me I decided that I would not stand for it, besides the fact that my own £20 is in thier account!

- I have attached a screenshot image of my account status showing the wagering requirements and the £0 left to wager proof. I also have attached some emails sent and delivered from thier team of "experts" within the last few days, as well as a clear recorded call of the 2 workers unmanaged and underknowledged not dealing with my issue. I am absolutely appauled at this level of "customer service" and am highly suspect of the way they promote thier bonuses and basically make it impossible or so extremely stressful and longwinded to get whats yours after playing by the rules. This started on the 17th June 2016, it is now the 20th and still they are witholding my funds. There is no dispute about the bonus monies won from the casino (as they know I have abided all t&c's) They are however not even allowing the withdrawl of my own £20 that they told me to deposit in order to release the bonus £100. My debit card was charged for this £20 transaction so that in itself should be verification?? They are purposely not giving me my money and I feel that I would like this investigated further if that is possible please.

Best Regards

Miss Kady Hughes

posted on June 25, 2016.

Dear @kady88,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.