Sverige Kronan Casino - Declined payment due to ''bonus abuse''

josefine Sweden
posted on March 26, 2016.


I writing this complaint because I feel I have been wrongly accused of absusing the casinos bonuses/free spins and therefore been declined a payment of winnings 13 700 SEK.
Here are some background info:
I think I started playing at online casinos and videoslots regulary for about 2 years ago. I have opened many accounts on different casinos, but I have NEVER opened more than 1 account at one casino. I love online casinos and I always check out new and old ones, it´s a jungle out there, more casinos than I can count and I am a member with many but have found my favourite casinos and obviously they get most of my time and deposits even though I play at others but much more seldom.
I am (was) a registered member at Sverige Casino, Sverige Kronan, Bethard and other casinos which all are in the same company, as we in Sweden call sister casinos. Maybe you have that expression to in english.
Almost all casinos (including the listed casinos above) have some bonus offer and welcome offers regarding free spins or matching deposits. Regarding the casinos I mentioned offered free spins when sign up. Of course I used my free spins when I first open the account to try out and look around the casino. One of those casinos, Sverige Casino, I have made some deposits to, but I never managed to win so I could make a withdrawal. I have never deposit money at Sverige Kronan.
I often get offers (to my e-mail) from among others, Sverige Casino and Sverige Kronan regarding free spins and so on.
Ok, so now to the issue with Sverige Kronan. I received an offer to my e-mail yesterday due to their update of their webpage, that if I change my password you will receive some free spins. So I did and received 10 free spins and I win about 80 SEK, the highest I won from free spins at these casinos within the same company. They have a wagering requirement of x 40 and I manage to do so. I was overjoyed . I had somewhere between 13 000 - 14 000 SEK. I then made my first deposit of 300 KR which I played trough at least 1 time according to their rules and won some more. I decided then to make a withdrawal of the amazing sum:
13 700 SEK.
I was so very happy so I can´t describe the feeling, this money would help me a lot due to personal matters.
I got confirmation that my withdrawal was a success. After a while I checked my pending withdrawal, but the sum was now back on my players account. I tried to make a new one and confirmation with success appeared. I e-mailed support and wondered why and she said that they first has to get documents to verify my account. So I did and I could read at my account that my documents had been approved. After that I checked pending withdrawal and it said -0kr. I started the chat on their webpage and asked about the problem and he said that "they" are looking in to that right now and should be fixed shortly. I also asked if I could expect my money on my personal account shortly as well with a smiley, and he answered that they would be.
Never the less, shortly after I received an e-mail from Sverige Kronan that the withdrawal has been cancelled, the money are confiscated and they have closes ALL my accounts within the same company.
The argument I get, with a referral to a paragraph in their terms and conditions, is that I have opened accounts within the same concern/company to benefit and abuse bonuses and free spins.
How can they claim that I opened accounts to abuse their bonus system. Any player should have the right to open how many accounts you´d like. To try out and see if I like the casino. These casinos were not among my favourites even from the beginning but I still have made some deposits at their sister casino Sverige Casino just to try it out some more. I just think this is so sad that they can do this, but can they really? Do they have the right?
If it was regarding 500 kr I dont think I had the energy to pull this strings.
But these money are a fortune for me, 13 700 SEK, and would be life chancing for me. I also deposit 300 SEK which was a requirement to be able to make a withdrawal.
(I also asked for the 300 SEK back, but I have not seen them yet)
But I still claim that I have done nothing wrong. They have sent me personally mails with offers all the time. If they have this loophole to just accuse for bonus abuse which isn´t the case, they shouldn´t ever bother to send more personal offers with free spins. And I honestly think that they should forbid a player to open an account at a sister casino with this rule. It should not be allowed, or a pop up where it says if you have more than one account at our sister casinos, and don´t make regularly deposits we will not be paying out any winnings from your winnings from free spins. OR don´t send out offers with free spins if I´m not eligible to make withdrawals from the winnings.
I will try to paste in the mail correspondence I have had with Sverige Kronan. I hope you have a dictionary ;) or maybe a swedish speaking person working there ;) Or I will try to attach screenshots of the communication. I hope I manage to do one of these things.
I would be so happy if you can help me with this, I just think this is so wrong.

Best regards

posted on March 28, 2016.

Hi Josefine!

We appreciate that we get this feedback from you, everything that our players say or think is very important to us. Your case was at and I have personally looked in to it.

We understand of course that you can feel a little disappointed when you get notified by the casino that the money has been confiscated. There is no reason whatsoever for us to do that without having a basis for it.

You are requested upon registration on Sverig­eKr­ona­n/S­ver­ige­Casino to read and accept our terms and conditions. The money got confiscated due to breaching our terms and conditions on several points.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support on email: kundse­rvi­[email protected]­sve­rig­eca­sin­ or phone: 0770-175751, for a more detailed description of why and how. Our support is open every day 09.00 am to 01.00 am.

Kind regards,
Amanda S

josefine Sweden
posted on March 28, 2016.

Please close the complaint. Thank you.

posted on March 28, 2016.

Based on the player's last post the case has been marked as resolved and officially closed.

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