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Golden Palace Casino - Declined Payment

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Golden Palace Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 600
Posted on July 30, 2014

During the first week of July 2014 I have received numerous calls from Golden Palace. Com Casino that I was offered a free Cashable Bonus if I logged in and play. On the 14 July 2014 I received an email from their accounts manager Toby saying that they have offered me a Cashable bonus to play as long as I log in and start playing. After I logged in I talked to their live chat representative and I was told that there is a free USD100 cashable bonus for me and the condition is that I must wager 99 times the free bonus amount before I can make a withdrawal. So I thought why not just try my luck and I started playing with the $100 bonus money and I was lucky enough to wager more than 99 times the amount and won $300. After that I have decided to make a withdrawal just to prove that they are genuine enough. The process took 72 hours and after that I received an email from the accounts department saying that my Neteller ID was missing. After double checked I noticed that I did keyed in one digit short and I admit that this is my careless mistake so I resubmitted my withdrawal request and this time I enter the correct ID and after another 72 hours wait I received another email from them saying that they need to have my driver's licence and copy of my bank statement for verification and after that my withdrawal will be APPROVED. (they should have said that in their previous emails to me but they didn't) So I emailed to the audit/security department and fulfilled all their request. While waiting for another 72 hours I logged in again and played their video slots and i managed to win $600 and I resubmit my withdrawal request and days later I got an email from the accounts department that they can ONLY pay me $100 and declined the remaining amount reason being that I've made my winnings with the free bonus money !!! This is totally ridiculous and lame. I'm very doubtful with the credibility and transparency of Golden Palace.

Posted on August 1, 2014

Dear AskGamblers

Thank you for bringing this complaint to our attention,

On July 16th arthurchua666 was credited with a $100 cashable bonus of up to $100 withdrawal according to the offer given to him by the representative. After meeting the wagering requirements arthurchua666 submitted his withdrawal request which unfortunately was declined by our accounting division since they dint had the right payment details.

Arthurchua666 mention on his original post that he was not notified as to the necessary documents needed in order to request a payout, nonetheless we will like to clarity that is the player responsibility to provide the necessary documents prior to submitting the request as stated on our terms and conditions upon which we quote: “The Member holds full responsibility to provide the Security Department with updated copies of the necessary documents”

Once arthurchua666 complied with all the necessary documents his withdrawal was reviewed and processed accordingly by our accounting division and because his winnings came from the $100 cashable bonus offer with a max cashout of up to $100, he was then process for the amount he was entitled to and the exceeded balance was then voided.

Golden Palace

Posted on August 4, 2014

Dear AskGamblers,

I was only informed by the live chat rep of GoldenPalace casino that I have to wager 99 times or more the $100 free bonus money before I can make a withdrawal and I can't recall anyone telling me that I can only withdraw up to a max of $100. If I was informed about this why would I be wasting my time and played until my winnings increased to $600 and only then I made the withdrawal request?And why is it that GoldenPalace casino didnt' informed me during the first two emails that my withdrawal limit is only up to $100 but instead they declined my payment because of my documentations? I really have doubts with the credibility and transparency of this virtual casino.

Posted on August 7, 2014

Dear Askgamblers,

Arthurchua666 received $100 cashable bonus as part of an ongoing promotion and he was allowed to withdraw up to $100.

After a thorough review we are certain that Arthurchua666 in fact knew about the withdrawal limit as on July 16th the customer was informed by our chat representative that the cash out on the bonus received was maximum $100, this after Arthurchua666 inquired about the withdrawal amount. We are also more than happy to provide a copy of the chat transcript if AskGamblers would be interested or deem necessary.

while our accounting division reviewed arthurchua666’s payout request, $100 were processed and sent to the customer and the surpassed balance was voided in accordance with clause 7.7.8 of our terms and conditions which reads: “If the Member withdraws a certain amount from the Free Bonus money, all the winnings from the Free Bonus that remain in the balance shall become void.”

Golden Palace

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