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Golden Lady Casino - Misleading information regarding wagering requirements

Booman02 Alabama
Posted on September 25, 2015.

I first signed up for Gold lady casino last night. The person I chatted with about the different bonuses available was Frank. As I was waiting for him to chat me back I used the $20 free bonus to check out the site. While I was playing I asked about the other bonuses and he told me to make the deposit. To use the other bonus allowed you had to make a $33 deposit but I did the deposit for $35. He then realized I was using the free bonus and he told me I would have to play it out which would take 30 minutes. As I was in the spins my time was up. I had a little over $200 at the time in which it disappeared. The $40 which I should have been able to keep as detailed in the requirements was gone as well. The only thing was left was the $35 I made the deposits for. I asked him could he apply the code to that deposit and he apologized and said he couldn't but if I made another deposit he would make up for it. He offered a few and I took the one that required me to make a $50 deposit and I would have to play through $6500. As I played on I suppose Frank left for the evening and I got Steve. I was able to check with him about how much I had played through. What was very strange is that Steve said I had to play through much more than Frank said. I was at that money at $4400 and he said I had a little over $8,000 to go. I then told him that was not right and Frank told me I only had to reach $6500. He told me Frank was gone and he would check with him. Now first I was told he stepped away. Then I was told he was gone and would be back the next day. Now I continued to play on thinking it would be resolved the next day. The chat then moved on to Pablo. The chat ended with him that I had played $6882 and I needed to play $4800 more. I called that night and they would not answer. I woke up the next morning. Someone answered and said something that was unclear and I said hello and he hung up. I called back and they would not answer. I was finally able to get someone on chat and I was told Frank would be in 3 more hours. I called again on my lunch break today which was around 1:30 central time and Frank answered. Seemed he already knew what was going on and he told me I would have to play through $2,300 more. I told him that was not what he told me. I said you told me I had to play through $6500 and I played $6800. He confirmed he said I had to play through $6500 but he said I had only played through three thousand and sum odd dollar. As I begin to tell him Steve told me another number he said well Steve is new and he asked me to hold on. He left me on hold for about 1 minute and 42 seconds and came back. I immediatly informed him that two different people confirmed both Steve and Pabolo that I was far beyond the number he was telling me. I then informed him that I was reading the reviews on this site and would contact help from the site. He went silent for a second and then told me to go in and make the request. I thanked him and we ended the call. I got home this evening and attempted to withdraw only to find out that he did not change the requirements. I called and didn't get an answer. I chatted and got Drowny. First he told me I had to play through $1400. I told him no that is the amount I am requesting. I told him I talked to Frank and he told me it was fixed and I could withdraw. The he told me I'll have to wait and Frank will be back in the day after tomorrow. I asked for another manger then he told me Maria will be there in the morning. Then he said I already told you that you will have to wait!!! He said something is wrong with your account and it will take 24 hours to correct. Then he said that the request is processing and that would take 24 hours. At this time he is just all over the place so I asked him well which of my accounts is the money going too? He never answered that question and did not saying anything else. He closed the chat.
I play at several sites never have I had an experience like this. Can someone please let me know who I need to contact to resolve this issue... Thanks.

Booman02 Alabama
Posted on September 27, 2015.

Still nothing from Frank. This morning Larson told me to give him a call within an hours time. Still the same old ruConnected
Requesting support.
Me : Good Morning is Frank available today?
Me : hello
Paolo has entered the chat.
Paolo : no
Paolo : how may i help you please ?
Me : Thanks... I am still waiting to here from Frank, Alex, or Maria about fixing this issue about my cash out. I was last told it was processing but it has not
Me : anything you can do to help
Paolo : you wegring not completed so how can make withdraw ?
Paolo has left the chat.
Requesting support.
Me : Frank signed me up with this code to play through $6500 and i have played through $6882
Paolo has entered the chat.
Paolo has left the chat.
Requesting support.
Me : you left again
Me : what do you see is left to play?
Me : hello
Me : hello
Me : Paolo how much more are you showing i have to play through please?
LARSON has entered the chat.
LARSON : Welcome
Me : thank you
LARSON : please can you try to contact us
LARSON : after 1 hours please
Me : Thank you Larson i will give you a call in 1 hour.. Again thank you for at least seeing me as a human and responding.
Me : Hi Larson i called several times and someone just picks up the phone and hangs up in my face. There were a couple of calls with no answer as well as a few calls were they someone did answer and just hold the phone.
Alex has entered the chat.
Alex : Hi
Alex : welcome to golden lady casino
Me : hi Alex are you able to assit me with my withdrawal issue?
Alex : well i am sorry you have not met your bonus criteria
Alex : I request you to play and met the playthrough so that you can withdraw
Me : ok so i understand now that Frank did not really fix this would that be correct?
Me : can you also please tell me how much more are you seeing that must be played?
Alex : ok
Alex : well he is not here
Me : how much are you showing that must be played?
Alex : Amount Wagered: 6701.00 Wagering Remaining: 4299.00
Me : is there anyone else besides Frank that can fix this problem?
Alex : I am sorry he left us
Alex : and he will be affer 7 days with us
Me : so Frank is no longer with the company?
Alex : he is associated yet
Alex : but he has cancer now and he is under treatment
Me : So who can fix this?
Me : i understand hope he makes it ok
Me : Larson told me to call him this morning but when i call the staff just continued to hang up in my face as they have been doing for a couple of days.
Me : Are you willing to help me get this issue resloved?
Alex : I am sorry but i am not aware about your issue
Me : Look I have ready about what goes on and why you are being made to deny peoples payout. i understand you are following a chain of command. Now i don't know much about the certain political rules you guys have to run with in your country but as a person to person I am asking you to do what's wright for me. Frank told me if i deposited my money i would only have to play through $6500.
Me : i have the information if you need to see it.
Alex : I am sorry but you need to met the criteria
Alex : before you cashout
Me : I only want what's mine and i will go on about my business.
Me : i did he told me $6500
Me : Well Alex this is not your fault. Please just tell me who do i file the complaint with please?
Me : I do understand that accounts can be blocked and phones don't get answered. i get that so i just would like to get that information before that happens to be. I plan to call-write- and text everyday until they honor what Frank sold to me
Alex : I am sorry but i request you that you are palying good
Alex : and just met the criteria and withdarw
Alex : withdraw
Me : alex thanks but i just need the person to make the complaint to
Alex : because might be your offer not beem done properly due to some technical issues
Alex : you can send us an email at suppor­[email protected]­old­enl­ady­cas­
Me : i need the physical address
Me : no techical issue. i talked to Frank already
Alex : i understand it
Me : i have the converstation recorded as well. He told me to log in and make the reqeust since he made the correction
Alex : but sometimes it happened that due to technical fault the offer not been credited as it should
Alex : and even i will add 200$ incase if you will not win or somehting
Alex : something*
Me : yeah computers are so crazy. I should know.. I went to school for it
Me : can i get that address please..
Alex : suppor­[email protected]­old­enl­ady­cas­
Me : not to your casino but Cyrpus were you are licensed.
Alex : I am sorry but you need to send us an email first
Alex : and i would also like to inform your bonus expiration date is 30 sep 2015
Alex : is there anything else i can help you now?
Me : I already have and he told me he fixed it. Now no one will let me speak back to him. Please give me the adress to the license borad so I can forward them this information please
Me : ok so you are not licensed. Is that it?
Me : hello
Alex : we are licensed
Me : can i have the information. i have documentation from a management worker saying $6500. I did that and now I am being denided my payout
Alex : I am sorry but you did not complete the playthrough and cant cashout
Me : yes i did per what he said
Alex : so until you will not make the playthrough you cant cashout
Me : i did..
Alex : No
Me : i did
Me : yes i did
Me : did he lie to me
Me : did your company manager lie to make a sale..
Me : did he?
Alex : play fairly and met the wagering
Alex : and than withdraw
Me : he lied?
Alex : there is no such issue with your account and with us to pay winnings
Alex : I dont know what he told you etc
Me : how do i get my money back
Alex : what i have observed i told you
Alex : No
Alex : you need to play and win
Me : curacoa adress please
Alex : what?
Me : i don't need to do anything but get my money please
Me : how do i get my money back?
Alex : i am sorry its not possible
Alex : anything else i can help you?
Me : ywa
Me : Curacoa adress please
Alex : thank you for contacting with us,you have a good day
Alex has left the chat.
Requesting support.
Me : im not done sir
Me : I asked you for the address please
Me : hellon around. Now I am told that Frank has cancer and no one else can help me. This is just out of hand.

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