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Posted on January 29, 2016

I opened account at rembrand last year but as I'm in the uk I was unable to deposit or play netent games so gave up!, I later found Sieger casino but found the same scenario , left accounts opened hoping one day they mite get a uk licence, along came b-bets (sent to my email with welcome offer which I took them up on!) but same thing did not have visa payments , one night I was bored I contacted rembrand who explained I could deposit with entro pay , and I could play games , it worked !! Well sort of as I was on a mobile device could only play a few games as I was in uk !(not sure if this legal in my juristriction but hey I was in the casino ) took a turn fir the wort and gambled and kept depositing until I doent all my money !😟 anyway I contacted support with a request to self excluded, first thing they asked was which casino am I playing??! Errrrr this one rembrand!!! I wish to self exclude as I only have small funds in my bank I did not wish to use as these were fir living expenses, very in helpfull I need to send an email as they do not have the facility to close account!!! No this is serious I could end up depositing my housekeeping money you need to clise account for me!!! They wouldn't !!! Anyway sent email had a break and next day account still live ! Gues what deposited my last £££! And lost it all not happy they weren't ther to help me !! Any way cut along story short , on my next pay cheque signed into seiger used same details and debut card no problem ! And b-bets Aswel ! Gambled all my money thinking I could win back losses , iam a sensible person hiw did I get sucked into this ??! Anyway closed these accounts eventually after them asking all the questions under the sun! But they still send me promos ! I later discoverd they are all the same company condor gaming but licences in curaco, not sure there allowed to accept uk players ? I informed them I had a gambling problem they made it hard for me to self exclude all accounts had exactly the same login and debit card details they told me it's my responsibility to close each account at each site I've requested refund from seiger and b bets , but they are not intrested they state it's all my fault I've requested there licence details to make a formal complaint and each time they cut off the chat!, I feel they have not helped me they have all the tools and database to block players with gambling addiction but will not bother using them , iam still RECIEVING email promos which I've had to stop , once I pretended to be a new player on online chat and asked if they allow excluded players to join sites in there group and they confirmed it was against there policy, they should of block froze suspended all my accounts as soon as I told them of my troubles , iam due to be refunded thousands , I hardly gambled before I joined them and have not gambled since, I was sucked in by it all and feel discusted how they operate in this way and prey on gamblers and will not help , I've tried to get the matter escalated but they don't want to know please help

Posted on February 1, 2016

Hi there,

We have reviewed you complaint and we found the following information:

You have played in Rembrandt Casino and requested a closure in the late hours of January 21st. You received a reply from us on the 22nd January, within 24 hours conform our terms your request is forwarded to responsible department and this was followed up by your account closure this next day.

As per our closure policy, when we receive closure requests we install deposit block to player's account and schedule account for closure. Your account deposit block has been performed on 21st January and a permanent closure was done on 23rd January. Later on you continued to deposit and play in other two brands, lost and requested a closure which was also done properly and timely from our side.

In your email requests you specifically requested closure of your account in a specific casino, which we did upon your request. You accepted our terms and therefore you are aware the casinos do not share the same exclusion tools. Your request was not mentioning or making us aware you had been signing up with other online casino's as well, nor asking us to check this for you.

As explained to you previously, each casino is operating as a separate entity. Upon signing up, you also have agreed to brand's terms and conditions, among others; the procedure to request account exclusion. Asking for self exclusion on brand 1, and than playing along purposely on 2 other brands with in the same group, with the sole purpose of playing with no risk, has been found malicious and abusive on a diversity of fora's or mediation websites.

Also, before you even made your deposit in Rembrandt Casino you have been informed by our support agents that there are limited games you can play from your jurisdiction. You have been also informed that, if you wish to unsubscribe from receiving our promotional newsletters which you agreed to receive when you registered in our casino, you should only click on the unsubscribe newsletter and your email will be suppressed from receiving those.

From what we can see, you have done this for 2 brands, but you still haven't done it for b-Bets, and this is the reason why those newsletters still reach you.

As we told you before, we are sorry for your losses, and in case you would like to receive help for your addiction, we would be happy to set you up with addresses from counselors or foundations who can help you on this. We would also recommend you to send all casinos you signed up for in the past a message and ask for self exclusion. Even in the event you wrote to a single casino participating in a group.

Posted on February 1, 2016

Hi thanks fiir your response , I did not know that all three sites were linked or owned by the same company , I contacted support immediately when I was in trouble for gambling to much I explained I needed to be self excluded the first question I was asked after submitting my user details and email address was "which casino sir" this tells me the operation department can see I have numereuous accounts at other sites in the group ! I was not advised of this and thought they were all different sites ! They closed the account in question but we're happy to keep the others open then bombard me with promo offers to the other sites ! They should of automatically blocked me from all sites in there group as I requested self exclusion this should of out me on a blacklist across the company , I feel let down by the site and aim seeking refund from sieger casino and b-bets , I've asked the chat reps for they're licence regulator details. But they cut me off from the chat , I feel this is the casinos liability when players ask for exclusion and they have all the tools to do this but have failed to help in my case

Posted on February 2, 2016

I really do not understand why any block was put onto other accounts I had in your group of company's casino sites ,? Why would u be happy to leave the b-bets and sieger accounts open knowing I had gambling problem and knowing I was in such a bad way I had to self exclude from gambling?! And why once excluded I was bombarded with promos for your other sites ? Your self exclusion policy is flawed in many ways there is no option for a player to do thus on your site and once a player asked to exclude by EMAIl they are still able to deposit until the relevant department turns it on, Iam kindly requesting deposits returned from sieger and b-bets and also why you wil not tell me who and where I need to complain to for your licence regulaters

Posted on February 8, 2016

The case has been reopened upon the submitter's request and we would like to give it one more chance for a successful resolution.

Posted on February 8, 2016

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply again. But like explained upper the casino's act as stand alone, and do not share the same administrative tools.

Like explained upper the terms and conditions of each website and the protocol to self exclude are handled separately. You have agreed to these terms upon signing up. There has no simultaneously request received to close your account in other brands; and we have acted upon first request.

As a second all our newsletters have an unsubscribe link, and the only thing you would need to do is click on this link to unsubscribe you from the newsletters.

Posted on February 8, 2016

I was advised by a chat rep at sieger and b-bets that if a player is excluded from a site in the condor gaming group they are not allowed to join due to responsible gambling , I had accounts at sieger and b-bets but was self excluded from Rembrandt , your company allowed me to keep these accounts open and continue to deposit knowing I was excluded, had I of won from these sites any winnings and deposit would of been confiscated , iam kindly requesting deposits returned from sieger and b-bets of goodwill from condor gaming , I've discussed this matter with other sites and ask gamblers and the normal practice is to return the deposits as a player was self excluded , it died not make any sense as a reputable company with string responsible gambling policy to allow self excluded players to continue to deposit at they're company casinos, kindly return the deposits as per the request

Posted on February 8, 2016

Also I need to add ,u say the casinos do not share databases etc , but when in the online chat the representative ask which site the player is at and can access the players details and therefore have access and knowledge of the players accounts and see they are excluded , like I said before u were fully aware of my self excluded from gambling issues but continued to entice me at other brands with offers and promos knowing I was excluded and therefore as stated above iam requesting deposits from sieger and b-bets returned

Posted on February 10, 2016

Also by requesting to self exclude from gambling problems in your should be putting me on a blacklist and any accounts held within the company (condor gaming I held should be blocked barred ) all accounts had same registration details and debit card method) your self excluding option is not sufficient and no duty of care is in place fir players seeking exclusion, all sites ie b-bets sieger and Rembrandt. Are owned by condor and all monies deposit at any site end up at condor gaming , iam requesting deposits returned thanks geirge

Posted on February 11, 2016

Dear Porgi,

Thank you for your replies again.

You have been on live chat several times, asking how the self exclusion worked among other brands. You have been on chat with other aliases used, and you have been informed as follows:

You have mentioned you are excluded on Rembrandt Casino and others due to gambling and asked if you can register at b-Bets. You have been asked why you want to open an account if you have gambling issues. You have been advised NOT to register and also asked for your email address so we can block that email from registering in all brands. You did not gave this.

Porgi, once again: you have receive extra information up front. You have agreed to the terms and conditions to each website, and we have informed you the casinos are acting on its own and told you to inform us which accounts you wanted to have blocked.

Afterward you have visited live chat under false name, tried to get a word you could use against us from a live chat representative, all this despite the fact you had been informed on multiple occasions and up front.

Posted on February 11, 2016

This I swaying away from the point iam trying to get across , I had b/bets sieger and Rembrandt accounts for many months and never used them as I couldn't deposit there! I never ever knew they were owned and operated by condor gaming ! One day a chat rep helped me to deposit as I decided to try my luck at Rembrandt after being sent a promo email , but later got into gambling problems which I needed to stop immediately ! The chat rep said I had to send emails etc to fulfil this request , later I was relieving promos from sieger and b/bets (which had same registration details and deposit method ) I discovered later they are all the same company and shocked thus was allowed to happen as I should be blocked barred acros all owned company casinos ! I asked chat for explanations but were unhelpful and cut me off the live chat , to the point where they know it was me and ignored my questions !! I entered live chat with a different alias and they would talk to me ! I find this discussing you would not endulge conversation with me and my requests I had no choice to be annoneymous and ask about exclusion policy's , I was advised if I was excluded I could not open accounts with condor sites , the situation was though I already unknowingly had accounts with this company and they were aware I had such accounts but did not put any block s or restrictions in place but instead enticed a self confessed gambler to deposit and carry on playeing Iam requesting deposits returned from sieger , and b/bets , had I of won at these sites and tried to withdraw here , and reading other players complaints at ask gamblers you would of confiscating my deposits anyway due it me being previously excluded !

Posted on February 15, 2016

Hi there,

This is our last response regarding the case you have reported in here as most of the statements you have made in your posts are simply not true.

As we informed you previously, all our brands run as a separate entities, with own terms and conditions you have agreed to follow once you signed up, and with its own data basis of players' accounts.

You were also informed many of times on live chat about each brand's policy how to exclude yourself and how to unsubscibe from our promotional newsletters.

It is not a correct statement that your questions were ever ignored as all of your requests were handled properly from our side. If you were really aware of your gambling problem once you requested a closure in Rembrandt Casino, you could have easily send requests to all of the casinos you know you are registered with, to exclude you from their sites. We have even advised you to do so, after explaining we run separate entities. this was the easiest and fastest way to solve your problem, but for some reason you failed to do this.

Beside the lack of this request we have seen you started depositing in a second entity immediately after your Rembrandt's account was closed. You lost, and requested closure of your Sieger account together with deposits return as you "realized just now" those 2 brands operate within the same company. Straight after your closure in this 2nd brand, and us meanwhile explaining you the procedures, you started depositing in brand number 3, lost again and requested closure and deposits back from both casinos.

Given everything above said, we consider this case closed, as we have advised you up front and you agreed to our terms and conditions.

Posted on February 15, 2016

U say all your sites have different entity's and databases , but above u state clearly you were able to see me make deposits at other brands after self excluding !!?? Like I said before u were fully aware of my gambling problems and did nothing fir me , u even monitored my accounts at other brands and watched me deposit into them !!? You state you don't have access etc to other brands but clearly you do ! I deposited at other sites yes but because I was tempted by your offers and promos you sent me although I was self excluded you still allowed me to play , and also u continued to allow me to deposit once self exclusion was in progress ! I requested my accounts to be shut immediately but you don't have this facility nor can u manually suspend my accounts , this is a very poor system u have in place fir players wishing to exclude with gambling problems , iam discusted how I've been treated and feel you have taken advantage of my situation for more profit in your company ! You run different sites under different names but all the money goes to one company ! To be excluded from one site is nonsense is u allow players to play at your other brands ! It's only now that it has come to light that you have blocked me from all sites ! This should of been done in the first place to help protect me from gambling problems , you stated you have answered all my requests which is not true as every time I joined the chat and asked fir regulated licence details I was cut off !! I'm stil awaiting this information , as goodwill you should be reversing the deposits made from the sites mentioned

Posted on February 19, 2016

Based on everything stated in the complaint thread we consider this complaint unresolved. Also we didn't get any evidence from casino that they acted according their self-exclusion policy.

We encourage player to seek further assistance on this matter from the relevant licensing authority responsible for Rembrandt Casino.

Posted on February 20, 2016

This complaint has been reopened upon request from both sides and we would really like to give it one more chance and help both parties involved to reach to a satisfactory resolution.

Posted on February 22, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided with enough information from both parties involved into this dispute to confirm the following findings:

1/ Upon examining the chat transcriptions and emails exchanged between player and Rembrandt Casino, Casino Sieger and b-Bets Casino it became obvious that player was totally in aware of what he was doing in all these brands. Player tried to put himself into a win-win situation with the aforementioned casinos either by keeping it quiet while playing and trying to win or requesting deposits refund in case of a loss due to previous self exclusion with one of the casinos operating under the same group. While we could agree with the fact player declared gambling addiction and his account with Rembrandt has been closed as per his request, we do not accept as normal the subsequent player's behaviour of playing in Casino Sieger and b-Bets Casino and requesting deposits refund only after he lost. Although player was duly informed /on several different occasions/ that all the aforementioned brands are operating as separate entities regardless of their shared ownership, player preferred to keep trying the same tactic across all of these brands which is a clear proof that player was not acting in a good faith and his problem had nothing to do with gambling addiction.

2/ Regardless of the bogus self exclusion claim though, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider some of the actions of Rembrandt Casino representatives in this particular case as not proactive and fast enough having in mind the nature of player's request of permanent self exclusion due to gambling addiction. The fact whether a self exclusion request came from a player who is acting in a good or bad faith is irrelevant and any casino must do its best to close such an account as soon as possible and to continue working on further clarification only after that account is blocked accordingly. As a result, Rembrandt Casino and all other brands under Condor Gamings umbrella initiated changes into their overall Responsible Gaming policy and procedures and we strongly encourage them to keep updating these changes.

3/ In regards of player accusations towards Rembrandt Casino operations with UK players without the necessary licencing, we have been confirmed that all the necessary changes were applied to all casinos operating under Condor Gamings umbrella to prevent UK players from opening accounts and playing.

Based on all the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team took the decision to reject the case due to player's bogus accusations. In case of a disagreement with our decision, we encourage player to seek further assistance from the relevant licensing which is responsible for Rembrandt Casino operating license.

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