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Cloudbet Casino - System glitch failed to acknowledge bet was won, or even placed.

posted on May 5, 2015.

I had decided to place a big bet after a short losing streak. Very ok with losing fairly to casinos, but this issue is not fair at all.

As the cards were being shuffled for a new deck of Baccarat at the live casino, I waited patiently for the new game to start. I do not remember if I placed the bet before the shuffling had completed or not, but as soon as I could, I placed a bet for 20,000units (20BTC, which roughly equates to $4,800).

The hand was played, which in turn lead to a winning hand for the player 3 to 1, which I had placed my bet on. The winning hand did not prompt the wallet amount to increase my wallet standings, instead I was just returned the initial bet amount. I was never awarded the winning amount, which is disgusting in terms of Casino ethics.

I since tried to recover the funds by gambling more, which was an honest loss but it would not have happened if I had originally received the amount I won. I am still not sure how I can recover this amount, but I feel totally at the mercy of the casino, that did not stick to their agreement.

I believe the issue might lie in not telling the player if the bet has been placed or not. There is a countdown timer that locks in the bet, I had placed it before that time, and the chips were on the table during the entire hand. I could also verify that the chips had left my wallet because it showed a reduced amount.

After some experimentation. It is clear that the initial bet system on the Live Casino is showing some faults. Sometimes it lets you play the first hand, and sometimes it doesn't. I am guessing there is an error with the system allowing the first hand to be bet on.

Please help if you can at all. I deserve to be paid for playing the game. It is not my fault there is an error in the system.

posted on May 7, 2015.

Hi TheCrowdedPixel and all,

Thanks for reaching out.

The issue here is simple - the player never made the bet. He might have thought he had placed a 20 BTC wager, but he did not. Unfortunately, he is simply mistaken.

No funds were ever deducted from his account and no wager was ever placed. His account balance did not change at all during the hand. We conducted a full audit of his account to verify every transaction and were able to confirm without any doubt whatsoever that the bet he is referring to was never placed.

Our live dealer software is provided by Ezugi, who can also verify that no bet was made.

We have been open and communicative with the player throughout.

If the player would like, we can provide a full history of all transactions related to their account.

We are also able to provide all correspondence with the player if they wish. The player has also continued to play subsequent to posting his complaint.

We consider this matter closed and no action is needed.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or if there is any way in which we can be of assistance.



posted on May 8, 2015.

AskGamblers received a complete game log of the aforementioned baccarat session as well as Ezugi's reply on this matter and a copy of the correspondence between player and casino regarding this matter.

From all the evidence presented, we could confirm that no such game round was found among the rounds made by the player and recorded by the casino software. Player was not debited 20 Btc for a bet, simply because a bet was not placed and accepted by the software and respectively, player could not expect a winning from that hand regardless on the notifications displayed by the game itself which are automatic and do not concern the fact whether a bet was accepted or not. Casino did everything within their powers to explain what happened to player in the meantime, but player never accepted the provided details. That is why we consider this case as resolved and officially closed. Player still could escalate this matter to the licensing authority of CloudBet casino.