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All Slots Casino - Took gladly my deposits, but denied withdrawals with no reasons stated yet

Complaint Info
Disputed casino All Slots Casino
Reason Double charge/Refund
Amount $ 1650
Posted on November 25, 2015

OK guys, so i'm new to register an online casino account and i picked All Slots Casino as a good friend of mine use to play with them a long time ago and was even Invited to the VIP Lounge and loved his time with them.
So last week i started holidays from work and have a few weeks off and created an Online Account with All Slots as i remember my mate enjoyed them so i thought why not? Something different especially after a long time of only playing slots in Pubs and Venues.

So off i go, i set my self up an All Slots Account and ring him and ask him if i can use his email address as i only have one for work purposes and didn't want to use it nor make a new one and he says thats fine and lets me use his PC Hotmail account which is only used to sign into his live account when he logs on and off his computer. No big deal, it's just an email address. So i thought at the time..

Anyway after opening my All slots account i immediately start to play and make deposits using PaySafe Vouchers as i don't use or have a Visa or Mastercard Only a Debit card which can not be used online or over the phone, So i start playing making some good deposits and having some good and bad luck which is suspected, all is going really well, apart from the fact i managed to spend $1650.00 in maybe 4 days. It happens!|

But what im trying to get too is this next bit, but so people understand i had spent alot of money in four days, i hadn't been asked for any Documents or anything like that until an hour after i made a mistake and made a deposit off my friends card of $100.00 only a bit over 24 hours ago. I did have his full permission as he was with me at the time and didn't mind at all. The only reason i used his card was because it was after midnight and no shops are open to sell Paysafe Vouchers and i wanted to continue playing and would pay him back the following day. But an hour after this deposit was made and i had a nice size win, all of a sudden my account was locked and i had to send off Documents to prove who i was and also had to send in a letter my mate hand wrote and signed, with photos of his Card used and his I.D which i done immediately and along with my Documents. Which was fine, until tonight when my account is still locked and i contacted support and have been told the security team have looked at the Documents and have Stated that the account will stay locked for ever because of Security Precautions whcih support would not tell me what they were because of "security Purposes"
I have asked why? been given no explanation.
I asked what the discrepancies were? No explanation,
I asked if they needed anymore Documents, was told nothing else is needed.
All they have said, is they found Discrepancies with the account and the decision is final. That is it?
I have $1000.00 in the account with no bonus credits included, i spent $1650.00 in 4 days, all to be told there are discrepancies with the account, i will not be refunded my deposits made and that the money in the account will be Voided.
Now all they wanted was proof of permission for the card use and Documents which ive sent through and they reviewed. Yet still have just taken my money, wont give me any information and wont return what i spent. There decision is final, which is the biggest load of **** if ivé ever heard it. Its unfair and rather seems like a big scam to me. Im not to sure if anything like this has happened to anyone else, but im sure im not the only one. So any advice would be good guys, as i am going to be seeking legal advice on this in about 4 hours at 9.00am.

But my point is, that this casino let me spend 1650.00 in 4 days, to lock my account and make the decision to close it for good even after Documents were sent through and all Documents are legit and 100% not in anyway what so ever Fraudulent.
So in my opinion this casino is ripping people off and quite possibly doing it to alot of people. It is nothing but a scamming fraud that is quite happy to take and take until someone gets a win.
Do not play with this casino or any of there sister Casinos as im sure they are all ran in the same manner.

This is a joke, this is wrong in so many ways, it is nothing but a rip off and has ripped the wrong person off this time! Because i will Publicly Humiliate them, i will make people realize that they are nothing but a scam and they should't even have a Gambling License if you ask me.

I was also told, management will not be calling me, no further action will be taken and thats the end of the discussion. Nothing i can do Apparently.

So guys, is it worth taking legal action? is this site a scam? and who else do i report it too to make it official about whats happened as i feel betrayed and am rather angry/upset over this decision as i haven't done anything wrong. A simple mistake that is all.

Please Help, before i spend big dollars on a lawyer to have there Reputation Ruined!
Any advice would be good!

Thanks everyone!
Stay Safe and Stay off ALL SLOTS!!!

Posted on November 7, 2015

Dear @Horton2015,
Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on November 8, 2015

Hi Brady,

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I am reviewing your account with the security department and will revert soonest with feedback.

Many thanks


the Jackpot Factory Group

Posted on November 9, 2015

Hi jamie. First ive heard from any one yet. Just so you do know i have spoken with my lawyer and they have offered to organize a lawyer they know to represent me and this lawyer is in malta . We do hope it does not come to that, as it could be a veru long expensive process which i believe neither mysel nor your company wkuld want thay. Cheers

Posted on November 10, 2015

Hi there,

I have forwarded your comments to the Casino Management for their review.

I will let you know once we have a final decision on the issue.

Many thanks


Posted on November 10, 2015

Hi jamie. Just letting you know that i have made contact with a lawyer in malta thanks to my lovely lawyer i have here in australia. They are prepared to go ahead with my argument if need be. So a quick decision would be much appreciated so i can organize for my lawyer to make contact if need be. I really hope it doesn't come to this though as it should not have to!

Posted on November 12, 2015

We invite both parties to submit relevant evidence to our complaint department regarding this case. We would need to:

1/ know the full transaction history of the player - all withdrawals and deposits as well as the names after all these transactions

2/ know how it was even possible to register and deposit via credit card which belongs to a different person? or player registered that card on his own name?

3/ what was the set of documents requested from player after he placed his withdrawal and did player sent all required docs?

Please refer your emails to suppor­[email protected]­skg­amb­ler­

Thank you

Posted on November 13, 2015

Hi, i didn't try and make a with drawal. After an hour of play i had won about 1300.00 and was continuing to play when all of a sudden my account became locked due to using my mates card. Card was registered under his name or it wouldnt of worked. I just want my account either A. Re opened so i can continue to play. Or B. My life time deposits refunded to my bak account which i can supply the details of. Thanks

Posted on November 13, 2015

Im sick and tired of waiting and have spoken to a lawyer abouf this all ready. If i nees to persue this via taking legal action then i gladly will.


Posted on November 13, 2015

Its been 9 days since posting this. So 10 days since it happend. This casino is shocking and unblievable. My mate who use to play with them said he can't believe it.

Posted on November 17, 2015

Hi there,

As per the above request from Ask Gambler i am compiling a list of all requested information and will email them soon after receiving approvals from the relevant departments.

Thank you for your patience during this process.


Posted on November 19, 2015

Si what i have to explain my self to a different company as well? All i want is my dam money back. Instead of being ripped off completely which is what is happening. How this is happening? Or why this is happening is beyond me and id be getting prepared for a lengthy lawsuit. Im fed up. This is a joke and you have blatantly stolen from me.
So please explain what is needed. What is it that your asking for? All im asking is my account either unlocked or a full refund to my bank account which i will provide the details of if neccessary.

Posted on November 19, 2015

Hi AskGambler,

Hi have sent an email reply to your request above.

Many Thanks


Posted on November 20, 2015

Following our request to both parties to present further details and/or evidence in regards of this issue, we could confirm the following.

Player didn't provide further information for obvious reasons, his account is closed and player have no access to the transaction history.

All Slots Casino management did not provide additional info too, but chose to state the terms and conditions breached by the player upon making a deposit using a card whose holder's name differs from the casino account holder's name.

Now, since both parties admit such deposit was made using a credit card whose holder's name differs from the casino account holder's name, we could confirm that at least two of the All Slots Casino Terms & Conditions have been violated by the player, namely Term #4.1.5 and Term #5.6.

Term #4.1.5 - you are the true and lawful owner of the monies with which you deposit and wager at the Casinos. If using a credit or debit card, the name on the card MUST match the name you have used to register with the Casino, or your account may be suspended. In the event that your account is suspended, contact the Casino’s Customer Support for further instructions. Withdrawals made by bank wire or cheque will only be paid to the name registered with the Casino. If a debit or credit card has been used to deposit funds the name of the payee must correspond to the name registered on the card.

Term #5.6 - If using a credit or debit card, the Cardholder's name MUST be the same as the name used when registering with the site. Where this is not the case the account will be suspended. Where an account is suspended, customers should contact Customer Services for details of our verification process.

A closer look upon the aforementioned terms reveals that All Slots Casino acted in accordance with their own rules by suspending player's account. However, it remains unclear what follows from there on? It says in both terms that " In the event that your account is suspended, contact the Casino’s Customer Support for further instructions." What could be these instructions remains a mystery so far.

Based on all the above, we consider that there are two possible fair decisions for this situation:

A/ Player must provide all the necessary paperwork needed for the verification of both account holder and credit card holder. If the verification procedure is being passed successfully, player's account should be reopened.

B/ If casino refuse to conduct verification procedure, then player deposits must be duly refunded in full.

We expect from All Slots Casino to announce what their final decision will be so that we could decide the outcome of this complaint.

Posted on November 21, 2015

99% of the time the casino will ask for a letter of approval from the cardholder. Which is what they were provided with. They were provided a hand written and signed letter from my friend "Matthew" they were also provided with a photo of his I.D and bank card used. Which they always accept they then inform you that it must not happen again. So why the suspension on my account? Why not the process they take with every other player on there site. Me using my friends card is no different to my friend withdrawing 100.00 dollars from his bank account and purchasing 100.00 paysafe voucher for me to use. So please All Slots. Explain!

Posted on November 25, 2015

This complaint is unresolved. Casino management didn't present relevant evidence regarding this case. We recommend to the player to seek further help with a licence authority of All Slots Casino.

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