posted on September 11, 2013.


I would appreciate anything you can do for me to obtain my winnings from Cleo's VIP Room. On 8/23/2013 I requested a withdraw of my winnings in the amount of $1900.00. I furnished all the necessary documents and they confirmed all was received via email. The next phase was to process my request, which would take 5-12 business days. On the 12th business day (or thereabouts), my money was still in the "REQUESTED" status. I contacted live support and was told yes, it's been 12 days and the next day they should/would be sending out the check and I would receive in 5-7 business days. So, the 13th business day after my initial request, I log into the casino and see my $1,900.00 in my play amount. I was shocked to say the least after waiting all this time! I contact Live Support and inquire about this. The representative couldn't give me a direct answer and said he was sending my inquiry to "The area in charge" and I would receive an email with an answer. Well, I received that email and they accused me of "Hedge Betting!" I have never heard of such a thing in my life! I played their slots and I won money fair and square. I was so happy when I won and now they have denied me of my winnings based on a bogus accusation. I am very, very upset about this. Here's the next "Slap in the face" of what they did with my account. I logged back into the casino and I have $20.00 they gave me and my $1,900.00 has disappeared. Also, transaction history shows NO TRANSACTIONS where as the day before, my $1,900.00 was still in a requested status. Please help me. Thank you kindly, Lynda