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City Club Casino wont pay me

Complaint Info
Disputed casino City Club Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount £ 2000
Posted on July 16, 2014

First of all I am new to online casinos and was a bit naive going in.

I joined City Club Casino without reading the terms and conditions, which is a mistake i won’t make again. I deposited £75 and received a 300% automatic bonus. I found this a bit odd since I was not asked if I wanted it, nor was I asked to agree to any bonus terms. However I didn’t think too much of it and continued to play some games. I played some roulette and blackjack and won a bit of money. I then tried to withdraw some of my winnings. A few hours later I received an email saying that I had not met the wagering requirement and that furthermore I had violated the terms by playing restricted games and that my winnings and bonus had been voided. At that point I went and read the terms, realized my error and just sucked it up, since it was my mistake for not reading the terms.

So, I had my original deposit and they had voided the bonus. Since I had now read the terms I also knew that the wagering requirement was also on the original deposit amount and not just the bonus, hence I could not just withdraw my deposit and call it a day. I had to fulfill my wagering requirement by playing only non progressive slots.

I did just that and ended up with almost £2000 by the time I had wagered enough to fulfil the requirement. I must stress here that I ONLY played non progressive slots – in fact it was 90% on the same game. Anyways, I then tried to withdraw my winnings.

Low and behold a few days later I get an email saying that I violated the terms and conditions by playing roulette and blackjack and therefore all my winnings had been voided. The original deposit amount was returned to my account. Obviously I was furious, since I had definitely only played non progressive slots since my original bonus was voided. I have now complained several times, mostly by email and the response is always the same; my winnings are void because I played restricted games. Only I didn’t play any restricted games once my original bonus was voided – on the 1st May. Furthermore the winnings were made using my original deposit and not a bonus (since it was voided). I have explained this at least 4 times now by email, but I always get the same reply (each time from a different rep). In my last email I pointed these things out and requested that they send me the dates on which their system shows me playing blackjack and roulette. I was hoping that once they sent me the dates I could highlight the fact that they were prior to the bonus being voided. I received the following reply:

“This is Denver from the Support Team.
As reviewed by the Audit Team, it has been determined that you have played with the bonus. Note that the bonus was issued on 2010-04-30 13:58:47 and was removed on 2010-05-01 08:46:16. During this period, you have won from the bonus and won on Roulette which is non allowed game; hence, the winnings were removed as per Bonus Terms and Conditions.
Thank you.”

Either they still don’t understand the situation or they are just avoiding the issue and hoping that I will just give up.

My feeling is the latter since I have explained it VERY clearly several times now. Their email above actually proves my point; My bonus and subsequent winnings were removed on 2010-05-01 and I was returned my original deposit which still had a wagering requirement left on it. I played only non progressive slots, made almost £2000, tried to withdraw £1700 and then they just voided everything and gave me back my initial deposit.

They keep acting like the winnings I am trying to withdraw came from the bonus even though they removed the bonus before i won any of this money. What they are claiming doesn’t even make sense! How can I possibly use a bonus to win money when they just admitted the bonus was removed on 2010-05-01. The withdrawal that they are denying was made 2 days later. It is absolutely ridiculous!

Do you think you can help me with is? I really dont like the idea of them getting away with this.

Thanks Hilal

Posted on May 18, 2010

Thank you for contacting City Club Casino. This is Angel from the Support


We have received your email and it has been forwarded to the department concerned. You will be contacted as soon as possible with further information.

In the meantime, we kindly ask for your patience.

Posted on May 18, 2010


The issue has been resolved to the player's fullest satisfaction with our casino manager.

Please cancel the complaint.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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