City Club Casino - Withdrawls

posted on August 29, 2013.

I would like to register a complaint against City Club Casino.

I had read their terms and conditions on the site prior to playing as I tend to be careful here and ensure I adhere to these.

I deposited $20 and received the first deposit bonus and understood there was minimum wagering amount on the account and a maximum withdrawl. The deposit and bonus was lost and so I had made several more deposits for $20 and received $6 "reward" on each one which usually I would decline but no option to. Anyhow, I understood that their was minimum wagering amount before withdrawl from t's and c's and so played on as I thought these were classed as "ongoing" bonuses.

I eventually went on to win $1900 which was withdrawn after meeting wagering requirements, not playing disallowed games (only slots) and then 5 days later, I received an email stating that they had only processed $420 of this and the rest was void because there was a maximum cashout amount on bonuses received as per their terms.

After sending them all their terms and bonus terms on the web site and explaining no mention of a maximum withdrawl here they called me and said that there were other terms emailed to me for these. This had gone into my junk email and had arrived several mins after deposits and link to the terms and mention of this was right at bottom of email after signature so as could be easily missed. These terms, are, more importantly not linked to from their site, which are located at: http:/­/ww­w.c­ity­clu­bca­sin­o.c­om/­ste­rms.php, do state a maximum cashout amount. It also states that "The bonus will be credited automatically to players who have received a promotional offer through email" of which I have never received. I had never received anything from them prior to registering as I found off google search. I have emailed to ask about this and not received a response.

How can this company choose to just put a bonus into my account with different terms than is accessible on their web site without making clear the terms of this prior to this being put into my account and therefore overriding my deposits. The bonus terms (other than first deposit bonus) through their web site make no mention of a maximum cashout amount and so I think this is clearly wrong and needs to be investigated.

I could have never had any opportunity to read and choose not to gamble with them before this was applied to my account. They just applied it which automatically under different terms which made any of my deposits withdrawl limited and I had not even been given opportunity to read terms before.

I would be grateful if you could look into this.

Many Thanks.