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Boyle Casino - Christmas giveaway Offer Not paying £100 Cash

fb_10153346879129856 United Kingdom
posted on January 15, 2016.

Hi Ask gamblers,

This email i sent to boyles explains it all.

Good Morning,

This email, whilst no doubt being an issue that is ongoing since this offer ended, is still important to your customers.

We received emails of the wager £1000 for £100 offer, advertised as the 'Christmas giveaway'.

Great, I thought, seems like a reasonable offer being christmas, they ways it was worded it sounded like a good offer to go for.

I played this offer on the 26th of december where i wagered £1110, as confirmer on LC by 'VIP Charm'.
'VIP Charm' Also confirmed that my 'opt in' was successful for the 'promotion of stake £1000 and the cashback for £100' - that there is a direct quote.

the offer ended on the 28/12/15 with cashback due on the 29/12/15.

So I had no reason to check my Boyles account before that as on the 26/12/15 I wagered £1110, meaning I was looking forward to receiving my £100 cashback.

On the 29/12/15 I logged into my account to find an email, dated the 29/12/15, suggesting a terms and conditions change on the 27/12/15 at 11am.

Knowing I played on the 26th I expected my account to qualify for the old terms and conditions. After all I Never 'opted in' to a wager £10,000 for £100 cashback. That in itself is such a ridiculous offer that not many people would even try to attempt.

However, here is now the problem. For some reason you are refusing to pay me what i rightfully earnt in the offer of wager £1000 for £100.

The first line of customers services are, while polite enough, no able to provide any details or information, simply that the 'casino management' have made a decision and I will not receive my cashback.

So upon trying to contact them it would appear that they are refusing to speak to me about anything.

I am going to quote the email sent in my inbox, (which has now been deleted by boyles);

'Hi George

While you received a GBP10.00 bonus in our Xmas Giveaway, there was a discrepancy in our Xmas Giveaway terms and conditions which saw the incorrect staking threshold posted in the original terms and conditions.

The original thresholds stated to stake between 100 - 499, 500 - 999 and 1000+ when in fact they should have stated 1,000 - 4,999, 5,000 9,999 and 10,000+.

This error was rectified as soon as we became aware on the 27.12.15 @11am. Please note we are acting in accordance with our general terms and conditions which state; Boylecasino may cancel, terminate, modify or suspend any promotion or their Terms and Conditions at any point, without prior notice and for any reason. Such amendments will become effective immediately upon being posted in the relevant Terms and Conditions sections of the Boylecasino website.

We sincerely apologise for this mistake.

BoyleSports Casino Team'

The above message was received on the 29th of december. Backdating terms for the 27.12.15, (after all the you only became aware on the 27.12.15 @11am), so how I ask can anyone who completed this offer on the 26/12/15 be subject to the new terms and conditions, which are essentially a new offer?!

Boylecasino has handled this issue poorly and and this present time, acting fraudulently.

I believe I am entitled to the full £100 and will not stop in my efforts to receive this.

It is not acceptable to operate with terms and conditions that go against your own terms and conditions.

At no point was I informed of this terms and conditions change during the promotion.

Under your licence, under condtion 7.1.1B Compliance with consumer rights, term 3 states:

'Customers must be notified of material changes to terms before they come into effect.'

That did not happen.

It has also come to light, through you own customer service reps and on social media, that some people who wagered the £1000 actually did received their full £100 cash back.

This is appalling, you have set a standard now, anyone who played before 11am on the 27th of december 2015 is entitled to this cash back. And I am one of them.

I currently am not receiving any replies from boylecare/boyles customer service.
This issue is being ignored and it simply cannot be.
Hiding behind the terms and conditions is not only cowardly and wrong, but ridiculous as the terms being quoted are terms that are against your own terms and conditions and against your own Gambling licence.

The email above describes my complaint, im tired with it so apologies, spoke to a supervisor today who stated they will work with third partied to resolve this issue, claiming management will not speak to customers.

I have attached photos of the origional terms, the message I received on the 29th and the conversation i had with VIP customer service mentioned that i had wagered enough and opted into the stake £1000 for £100 cash.

hope you can help :)

Thanks again


posted on January 22, 2016.

We been informed by casino management that issue with a Christmas bonus promotion is presented in front of official regulatory body of Boyle Casino. We consider this complaint unresolved until casino send to AskGamblers Complaint Team a decision of the regulatory body.