Celtic Casino 1500 euros not payed

posted on October 21, 2012.

Get the truth, then play. That's what I did. I verified this casino on your website before playing. I deposit 20 euros, I loose them. I deposit 40 euros then loose. I deposit 100 then win 1500. This is the second time since 4 years I play on an online casino. One week after a payout request, A person called Stuart Seguin sends e-mail saying that they discovered in playing behavior a so called "martingale" method, which is contrary to their terms and conditions. Although sometimes I did that, my winnings were not due to that. They were mainly due to big bets on baccarat, especially my first bet of 100 euros. Now they tell me if you had lost you would have lost.But you won, so we will give you 100 euros deposit, and refund the previous 40 euros. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? ISN'T THAT STEALING? Ok fine. I have not left a curse I didn't make to him, that may have not been the best thing, but that doesn't mean thay do not ow me 1360 euros left.


They also closed permanently my account. If I had lost, with the same bets I made, do you think they would have done that? NO. THE ONLY REASON THEY DID THAT IS IS THAT I HAD THE CHANCE TO WIN.

I AM ATat askgamblers team for all proofs you ask me. I have recorded e-mmail of 1500 euros pending payout and then my request to lock temporarily my account to protect them. No other player should see this casino on your green list. It should be added on the black list to protect future players from STEALING.

In addition,

posted on October 31, 2012.

Still no answer, I am not surprised though, it's a lot of money, they don't want to pay that. They're just stealing.

I didn't receive one single cent of my winnings. I have all the proofs you need askgamblers that I had indeed 1500 euros on my account, and that I never ever received any kind of bonus. This casino has done a terrible fraudulent behavior. It should appear on your blacklist as soon as possible.

posted on October 31, 2012.

For those of you who like jokes, let's have some fun. Here's the e-mail sent to me 2 weeks ago when they have rightfully decided not to pay:)

My name is Stuart Seguin and I’m the Fraud Manager at Celtic Casino.

After reviewing your account in detail we have confirmed violation of our Terms & Conditions within your betting behavior. As it is clearly stated in our Terms & Conditions which you agreed to when creating your account, Celtic Casino is intended for recreational players only and any players found to be abusing any rule or regulation, professional bettors, syndicates, or any person having systematic betting strategies will be subject to having their account suspended, their earnings removed and their original deposit refunded.

Unfortunately, we have found systematic behavior within your game play (Martingale strategy) and your account has been permanently closed, your winnings voided and your initial deposits refunded back to the same Moneybookers account you used to deposit for a total of €140.

Oh my god I was abusing the casino!!:) poor casino you're gonna suffer a lot if you don't defend yourself against the players. Professional bettor!!! Have you ever heard about people making money at casinos? (apart from poker players and perhaps blackjack card counters?) lol it's my second time in four years ever I play casino games. The proof? I opened an account on mybet at the same time, and, betting 5 euros, I had 20, do you know what I did? Double!!! lol. I didn't even know the rules of the game.

Now on celtic casino I have become a professional bettor who, in 2 days, won 1500 euros out of a 100 euros initial deposit. It would have been less shame for them to shut up then to make jokes like this

posted on October 31, 2012.

In the previous message, I was talking about 5 euros bet on mybet.com, on blackjack, and I had two tens, so what I did is that I doubled.

posted on November 1, 2012.

Ok, let's have some more fun for today. Here's today's topic: The e-mail sent to me by customer support when I asked them how much time (I was thinking about the time my payout will take i didn't even think they could not pay) the payout will take, here's their e-mail:

"Dear ****

Normally a request can take around 24 hours to be processed; however, sometimes this can be delayed, depending on the amount of ending requests our Payments department has to process.


Abby O´Connor

Customer Support


Ohh, NORMALLY, it's 24 hours, but SOMETIMES (whe don't know when, since nothing is stated in their terms and conditions), this can be delayed, DEPENDING on the AMOUNT (we don't know how much), their payments department will find that that the amount is too much for them, so they won't pay.

posted on November 2, 2012.

Ok! Let's continue this funny story. "I answer to the e-mail above: Ok then, and how much the delay is? That was my question, how much time will it take you to process the payout."

(asking the same question for the second time since they are wainting for me to go play all my winnings back).

Here's the answer:

"Thank you for playing on Celtic Casino!

We would like to inform you that we have received your payout request; however, your account is currently under review. Our Payments team will review your account in order to confirm the legitimacy of your winnings. Please be aware that Celtic Casino reserves the right to void and withhold any or all winnings made by any person or group of persons where we have reasonable grounds to believe that said person or group of persons is acting or has acted in liaison in an attempt to defraud or damage Celtic Casino and/or the services and/or the platforms in any way.

You will be informed once the investigation is over.

Please review our Terms & Conditions regarding Use of Services (17.2).


Abby O´Connor

Customer Support"

Oh!!! did you know that they didn't even ask for my papers? How then could they do their funny investigations?? I always wondered and never knew what kind of investigations they were making. They're making fun of me. Not only steal me, but also insolent. Second, kind of bizarre asking for the delay twice and not having an answer. They knew from the first second that they were decided to steal.

posted on November 3, 2012.

Ok, so let us continue for today with this funny story. I answer the e-mail above by asking for the THIRD time how much does the payout need to take place, and then state that I obviously didn't fraud!!! So here's their answer:

"In this moment we are not certain how long the review of your account could take, however, we will keep you informed about any update regarding this matter.

In addition, we didn’t mean to say that you won by doing any fraud. What we meant to say is that we will review your game history to determine if your activity is in line with our casino’s Terms and Conditions.


Abby O´Connor

Customer Support"

Ahhh! IN THIS MOMENT (we are waiting for you to come give all your winnings back), WE ARE NOT CERTAIN HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE, so even if your "betting behavior" was "nice and good" for the casino, you could wait there is no limit for the time they can take to make their payout.

Wait, that's not all!!! IN ADDITION, they want to see if MY ACTIVITY IN THE CASINO is in line with their terms and conditions. OMG who could imagine someone saying that? Oh bad boy you had been betting money finally in the casino, hmmm that's no good, you will not receive your money. And still, speaking about an activity for... a couple of days!!!!

posted on November 4, 2012.

Ok, let us know arrive to the ultimate funny point, where you can find the absolute rule of the jugle at this stealing machine. Here's again an extract of the e-mail sent to me:

"Unfortunately, we have found systematic behavior within your game play (Martingale strategy) and your account has been permanently closed, your winnings voided and your initial deposits refunded back to the same Moneybookers account you used to deposit for a total of €140. "

My deposits were more than 140 euros. My initial deposits he's speaking about are at least 180 euros maybe 200 euros. They were all made in a short amount of time. The first deposits were of 20 each, made by paysafe card. They were all lost. The last 2 deposits were made by moneybookers. The first one of these 2 was of 40 euros. I lost it. The second 100 euros, which turned to 1500 euros. Now look at what the "fraud" manager, Stuart Seguin, did. He refunded all that was deposited by moneybookers (although the first deposit of 40 euros was completely lost!!!). Have you ever heard about rules deciding of the "refunding" amount (or in this case stealing) depending on the payment method??!! If I had deposited all by moneybookers would he have refunded 180 euros??!! If I just deposited the last 100 euros by moneybookers he would have refunded just 100?? Kind of funny no? The thing is that when you get a big gift you don't anymore ask about little details such as these. Same as this "fraud" manager took my money for a gift.

You cannot understand why did they refund me my previous deposit although it was completely lost. They tell me we ow you winnings but in the limit of what you had deposited before??

Lol enjoy the story.

posted on November 5, 2012.

So here's the continuation of my e-mail conversation with this "fraud" manager, that's what he says afterwards:


****** (my name without any Mr since insolence is in their blood)

As mentioned in our previous email, you have used Martingale strategy to acquire your winnings and this is against our Terms & Conditions. We have enough data to back up our decision, which is final. When opening your account at Celtic Casino you agreed to our Terms & Conditions, however, you did not comply and ignored these terms forcing us to close your account and void all winnings. Your account will remain closed."

I have read all their terms and conditions. They spoke about "Professional bettors" (I don't know if it exists though). They spoke about card counters. The word martingale doesn't even exist in their terms and conditions. So what happened? They were FORCED TO TAKE MY WINNINGS!!!! hahahaha. In fact, they didn't want to, but when they saw that once a bet was the double of the previous one, they were obliged to take all my money. Oh what a horrible action they were forced to do.

posted on November 5, 2012.


Here's the link for their terms and conditions.

posted on November 6, 2012.

Let me now quote a sentence from Celtic Casino terms and conditions:

"Celtic Casino requires any deposit to be played-through a minimum of one time prior to withdrawal."

Now since the player is obliged to gamble all of the money he deposited at least once, he's in fact, since he deposited, OBLIGED to bet on 2 facts:

1-He's betting to see the results of the game.

2-He's betting that if he wins, the casino will pay him his winnings. In fact, if they're in a bad mood, they will simply refuse to pay, that's because his betting behavior was bad:) as if he could predict the results of the game.

So when you bet on a game where you think you have 50% percent of winning, in fact you are betting twice. They don't need to cheat, but that's another kind of cheating much more intelligent. Simply don't pay!!

posted on November 7, 2012.

Celtic Casino Terms and Conditions:

"Celtic Casino reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Such changes shall have effect immediately upon publication on this site and you agree to be bound by them and to regularly review these terms for the purposes of monitoring such changes. (....) It is your sole responsibility to review these Conditions and any amendments each time you play"


Funny no? Each time you play you should reread the terms and conditions.

They may for example add on these terms and conditions that the fraud manager has the right to take as much money as he wants from a player's balance without any prior notification, depending on his mood. If then you have to take your money back and they refuse to give it to you, then haven't you read that they reserve the right to change their terms and conditions whenever they want? And you accepted that, then why weren't you reading the terms and conditions each time before playing?

Taking their players for dumbass people, stealing them and making fun of them at the same time.

posted on November 8, 2012.


My complaint is the only among all others where the casino expressingly refuses to pay. Unlike other casinos where they may try not to respond or delay payment, these insolent celtic casino members could go as much far as taking you for a dumb.

posted on November 10, 2012.

Check out this:


posted on November 11, 2012.

By the way on gambling grumble that parkerH advised me to contact, who cover the entire online gambling system, they have never heard about such a thing. Not paying because of a betting system (whatever the system is). In addition, I was gambing with my own money.

They said to me casinos love martingale since it's the betting system that most brings fortunes to them!!!! Believe it or not, they're still suspicious about the fact that this was the reason celtic casino did not pay me, in spite the fact I forwarded to them all e-mails sent to me by the fraud manager. Yes it's unbelievable.

posted on November 12, 2012.


posted on November 13, 2012.


posted on November 14, 2012.

Still no answer here from the casino, nor any reply to the e-mail sent to them by gambling grumbles, asking them about further explanations. It means there is nothing to add to what I have said...

It means all the truth is in what I already stated here.

posted on November 17, 2012.

Well we may keep this thread opened because other médiations are in process, I'll keep up if it will work or not.

Otherwise I did not yet receive my money.

posted on November 28, 2012.

 Is anything new happening here?

posted on November 29, 2012.

No, nothing new. Although other mediation websites are processing now, but the casino till this day did not pay one single euro.

posted on November 29, 2012.

I think they should answer here. If not, it means they don't have anything to answer with. Although I prefer to keep this thread open so that people can read it as long as the issue is unresolved.

posted on November 30, 2012.

Here's the report:


posted on November 30, 2012.

Anyway some discussions are still going on for now so let's stay quiet for now.

posted on December 3, 2012.

 We received a complete statistics and playing history and we can see from many examples in it, that player used martingale system, which is forbidden! That's why this complaint is solved in favor of casino!

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