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Sloto' Cash Casino - Using dishonest and misleading tactics, ignoring their own terms to avoid paying legit win

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Sloto' Cash Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 275
Phantoms001 United States Message
Posted on August 31, 2017

I requested a 275.00 withdraw on August 27 and on August 29th received an email stating:

Thank you for your patience regarding your payout of $275.00 via Bitcoin. Unfortunately, this payout was denied as you have used consecutive free bonuses without making any deposits. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions:

Customers cannot redeem multiple free bonuses/free spins offer consecutively: When a customer uses two or more free bonuses without making a real money deposit in between, management reserves the right to void any bonuses and winnings.
We have denied your payout and voided your winnings and your bonus. Should you require any further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us.
Yours sincerely,
Slotocash Financial Services

I am aware if you use 2 or more free bonuses without a deposit will end with the winnings not being paid. This is pretty standard practice with most casinos. Because of this, I do NOT use free bonuses more than once without a deposit.
I responded back to please identify the free bonuses that I used consecutively. They responded:

Thank you for making us your gaming choice! Karl, the coupons which were redeemed consecutively are KEEP100CALM, 100WKNDWISHES and GOGOSUNDAY7. Should you require any further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime.
We invite you to come and Chat with us to find out our hottest games and to stay updated on our exciting promotions!
Enjoy playing in the Casino!
Best regards,
Slotocash  Casino Support

I contacted live support via chat because while I did use these three bonuses (Keep100Calm, 100WkndWishes, and GoGoSunday7), only one of the bonuses was a “free bonus” (100WkndWishes). The other bonuses were part of a deposit bonus. I made 3 deposits that week. The first was for this bonus pack clearly stating that the deposit has 3 separate bonuses attached to it:

Why spend Tuesday just like any other normal day? Tuesdays are the perfect day to blow off some steam. Maybe it’s because it’s no longer Monday and because you can earn THREE BONUSES with one deposit and play for $1,000 in Extra Winnings!
100% Bonus (Easy Win Low Playthrough!) GOGOSLOTO
50 Spins Upon Promo Above Completion! GOGO25FREE7
$25 Token to be redeemed on Sunday! GOGOSUNDAY7

I then made 2 more deposits to use the bonus pack below which has a 100.00 chip attached to the deposits:

Nothing says summer like August – and it gets even better and hotter when you spend it alongside Mr. Sloto! What could be better than spending summer at the beach, relaxing by the pool and playing your favorite games and getting:
150% 1st Bonus up to $1,000 SUMMERON1
200% 2nd Bonus up to $1,000 SUMMERNON2
$100 Free Token! KEEP100CALM

After losing on all 3 deposits I was left with a 25.00 chip on Sunday. I received a loyalty bonus in an email and used bonus 100WkndWishes for 100 free spins. Then on Sunday I used my 25.00 chip (which I won with).

While I did use 3 bonuses, only 1 was a free bonus (100WkndWishes), the other two bonuses were deposit bonuses that cannot be used unless I made a deposit for each. The Terms of Service state you cannot use multiple free bonuses consecutively:

20. Customers cannot redeem multiple free bonuses/free spins offer consecutively: When a customer uses two or more free bonuses without making a real money deposit in between, management reserves the right to void any bonuses and winnings.

Free Bonus Rules
Sometimes Sloto'Cash Casino will have promotions going on which players will receive a bonus with no previous deposits required. (E.g. Free Money). Below you will find the rules that players must follow when it comes to free money promotions.
Please note that members who have not made at least one deposit at the casino can only claim free money offer once, including but not limited to: welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, birthday bonus, and freespins. Any winnings from additional free money will be void.

Above the Terms of Service clearly state what is a free bonus. It is a bonus you receive not conditioned on a deposit. I made a deposit (actually 3) to get 2 of the bonuses in question. I don't think any reasonable person would consider a bonus you receive because you deposit is a “free” bonus in any form or fashion.

I asked support to please direct me to the Terms of Service that I violated because I only used 1 no deposit code and they did not have one. The casino sent me personal offers via email to induce a deposit, but when I won they do not want to pay the winnings and cannot explain what “free” bonuses I used or how a bonus I received by depositing is considered “free” or point to any Term of Service that I violated.

Using the casino's logic, if I deposit, get a bonus, lose my money, then use their loyalty bonus (free 20.00 for depositing that week) the loyalty bonus would be void because its two “free” bonuses in a row. Additionally, if I deposit, get a chip for Sunday, deposit again and use a second bonus, my chip Sunday is void because its 2 bonuses in a row.

They are offering bonuses for people to deposit that they know are void and no good. If you lose (its only 20.00 with a play through) you would never know. You feel the casino is treating you great and giving you a chance to win. Its only when you win that you find out the underhanded, dishonest tactics they are using.

I did not use consecutive “free” bonuses and have legit wins at Slot Cash that have not been paid.

Posted on September 1, 2017


I'm checking out the situation and will let you know updates, as soon as I can.

Kind regards,
Ms. Sloto

Phantoms001 United States Message
Posted on September 3, 2017

Ask Gamblers,

Because my complaint has not been resolved and a response from Sloto Cash may still be forthcoming could you please keep my complaint active.

Phantoms001 United States Message
Posted on September 3, 2017

The attached file demonstrates the problem.

100% Daily Bonus + $20 Token + 100 Spins

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Weekly Bonuses
$25+ 100% Match + 25 Spins! DAILY100RELOAD
How to get your bonus:
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Welcome Free Chip

$20 Free From Monday thru Thursday!

Choose a bonus from our Weekly Bonus Chart and once you have played with your first deposit of the week (Mon-Thu), you don't have to stop there! You will be immediately eligible for $20 Loyalty Token after!

The email clearly states that when you deposit 25.00 you get 100% match, 25 spins, and after you are done with the deposit, are immediately eligible for a 20.00 loyalty token. But if you lost your deposit and won on the 20.00 "loyalty" bonus they are now trying to say the 25 spins are a "free" bonus and the 20.00 loyalty is a "second" free bonus which would violate the Terms of Service, ie. using 2 free bonuses in a row.

Phantoms001 United States Message
Posted on September 3, 2017

A second example...

100 Weekend Spins!

Complete your deposit between Friday and Saturday to receive 100 Free Spins Loyalty Gift!

Loyalty Code: 100WKNDWISHES
Spins Game: Aladdin Wishes
Valid until tomorrow to win up to $500!

Deposit $45+ 100% Match + 25 Bandit Spins! 100WEEKEND

You deposit 45.00, get 100% match and 25 spins, if (after) you lose and you redeem the 100 free spins any winnings would be void because you used 2 "FREE" bonuses according to Sloto (the 25 spins you deposited for and the 100 free spins).

Posted on September 4, 2017


I have reviewed your case further and an exception has been made for your payout. I'm happy to tell you the payout is currently being processed by the casino and should be finalized soon.

Kind regards,
Ms. Sloto

Phantoms001 United States Message
Posted on September 6, 2017

Ask Gamblers,

Could you please list this complaint as positively resolved.

Thank you!

Posted on September 6, 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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