Casino Titan, Won 100$ did not want to pay , cant cashout on legit account

posted on April 29, 2013.

Hello . I managed to complete the withdrawal via one of bonus giving by . Anyways i complete the walkthorugh , the max withdrawal is 100$. So as soon i passed the walkthorugh i sent all the info the need , to complete the faxcheck . So i sent a copy of my ID , my driver license , 2 letter's , a print screen of my neteller account. And after sending all the funds the support told me to min deposit to withdraw the funds . Which i did deposit 21$ . So talked with varius chat supports , with this and email with a person called "Abi" , we are talking a few days from now and after all the requirements all the the papers i have to send to him they told me that the last part is that i need to send my bank data, which i dont have any bank account , but i did deposit with neteller (managed to use some paysafecards) , AND i talked with other supporters of the site telling me this :

Molly: ok, right now you do not need bank account, because we will send the money on your Neteller account .

Molly: the finance department will email you

Molly: and after that you will be able to withdraw .

So as you can see afterwall there is nothing left to send the money to my neteller account. But i still get the same response like 48 and 48 hours saying that i need to send my bank data , which i dont have it , because i dont owne a bank accout , BUT in fact in reality i dont NEED IT TO COMPLETE THE CASHOUT.

So after various and various emails i still get the same awnser .

I did manage to deposit , send all the papers and pictures but still they not payed me ..

So i hope i could get some awnsers here .

All the walkthorught has been made , i never had multiple accounts , did play only the games required but still , i am on empty pockets...

Best Regards

Francisco Freitas (xacez acc)