Casino Titan - Withdrawal Denial & Confiscation of Winnings

posted on March 9, 2013.

I made a $100 deposit and took a 300% bonus. Slots Only. Piddled around with it for a bit then left it for a few days. Went back and hit a nice $450 bonus round and left for a day or so again. Went back in and got a triple line choo choo train bonus which paid just over $600 on a $1.00 bet putting my balance around $1100. Checked the cashier and bonus play thru was met. Verified with chat that play thru was met. Withdrew $750 via wire. Leaving the $300 bonus balance which I knew they would remove and about $51 or so bucks left over.

Re-submit my docs as it had been well over a year since I last did it. Get a letter via email that since I played games other than slots they had taken the entire balace and returned my initial $100 to my account.

I did NOT play anything other than Real Series Slots with this deposit.

I replied to their email that they need to re-check their logs as I only played slots.