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Casino Titan - withdrawal issue

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino Titan
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 2500
Posted on July 16, 2014

I am very upset!!! I a made a withdrawal with casino Titan on Feb. 20, 2012 for 2500.00.

During this time I was told that my withdrawal would be canceled if I played; so I reframed from playing. I did everything that I was suppose to do. This morning I went to my account to find that 2000.00 had been put back in my account, I instantly went to live chat to only to get this response:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'bill'

bill: Welcome to Casino Titan, this is bill, may i have your username and how may I assist you?

e< name removed >:< removed >

e < name removed >: hello bill

bill: Hello Emma :)

e < name removed > : will you please explain my cashout to me. I cashout 2500.00 I just looked at my account and 2000.00 has been put back in and the 500.00 is gone and NOT in my bank account.

bill: 16. You are aware of and agree that all withdrawals are paid in installments of up to $2500 per 6 business day period. This is determined according to player class. You will be notified by email when we send out your winnings. Withdrawals and changes to payment instructions are subject to clearance by our Security Department.


bill: It got sent via check :)

bill: Today :)

< name removed >: I have never heard of such a thing

< name removed >: why was it sent by check

< name removed >: and why is it paid in installment

bill: It is a new procedure finance give to players sometimes for them to get more appriciated...

< name removed >: ????? more appriciated

< name removed >: in what way

< name removed >: I need my money

< name removed >: this is not appriciation

bill: It is finance department rather to pay it in installments or not.

< name removed >r: so I an only cashout 500.00 at a time?

bill: For more information regarding finance issues, please contact financ­[email protected]­asi­not­ita­n.com

bill: No

< name removed >: and it will be sent n a check?

bill: It is very possible for you to get an installment of $2500

bill: It is only up to finance department.

I was never aware of installment payment, not from reading anything on thier website( I have read it from another angry player on this site a few days ago)

I was suppose to have it wired to my bank account but they sent it in a CHECK!!!! I find this hard to believe because that was not one of the cashout options.

Please help me with this problem. I really need my money.

Posted on February 29, 2012

Hi Msemma,

thank you for your post.

the rest of your money will be sent tomorrow

I apologize for the discomfort and i hope you'll be back on the tables soon!



Posted on February 29, 2012

Thank you for your response Rick:

How will it be sent? Also, why was the other one sent VIA check?

@askgamblers: I will update you each day to let you know my progress. Thank you

Posted on February 29, 2012

Hi Msemma,

I'm afraid i cant answer these question, please direct them to the Casino CS and they will gladly help you.

all i did was make sure your withdrawal will be sent as fastas possible.



Posted on February 29, 2012

Thank you Rick for your quick response once again,

What is Casino CS?

Posted on February 29, 2012

no problem,

you were playing at Titan casino so please contact their costumer support with your questions.



Posted on February 29, 2012

Thank you Rick,

I must correct you; I was playing at Casino Titan ( there is actually a Titan Casino )

Are you a Liaison for the Casino? Either way thank you for your help. So, far I still see the monies in my account but I will let you know tomorrow if it has been sent.

Posted on March 1, 2012

I still have not received my check, back deposit or anything. I was told that my check ( 500)

was sent VIA fedex on the 28th of feb. I called fedex and they dont see anything coming to

my address at all. Also, I was told that fedex from casino titans location is only one day. I

have asked the casino for the tracking number and they will not give it to me. What should I do?

Also, the 2000.00 does not show in my casino account anymore but they cant tell me how it was sent to me. They said I should wait another 6 to 10 business day before I receive it? This seems to be strange and unfair. Please advise me of what to do and if this practice is customary.

Posted on March 4, 2012


your tracking number is: 523375499019.

Will be delivered on March 6, 2012.



Posted on March 4, 2012

regarding the 2K:

The extra 2000$ was sent via wire transfer on Thursday.



Posted on March 5, 2012

Ok, Casino Titan has paid me my 2k. I am just waiting on my check. I appreciate all of your help.

They has since blocked me from reedeeming any coupons. Can you tell me what I have done wrong. It is like I have penalized for winning. Isn't that the objective. I have never played any other game besides slots and keno. I've always abided by the rules.

Posted on March 6, 2012

I receceived my 500.00 check today. I am comfortable with how I received my funds. I am just concerned about being blocked from redeeming any coupons. Thank you casino taitan for paying me my winnings.

Posted on March 7, 2012

 Can we close this complaint?

Posted on March 9, 2012

Yes, you can close this complaint. Everything has been resloved. Thank you for all of your assistance.

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