Casino Titan - want my money!!!

posted on December 9, 2012.

I recently signed up to casino titans $20 free no deposit bet deal. I was given $20 and told i had to Build it up and rebet $700 before i could withdraw my winnings. After turning it over twice as much as asked and settling with $1000 i decieded to cash out. I was unsure about the withdrawl situation so i decided to use the online help chat. First of all i was connected to an adviser by the name of jeremy who decided he was going to be of no help at all telling me that i could not claim my money because he could only allow my to win a maximum of $100 and that it was stated in the terms and conditions which it was not! ( WHY MAKE ME TURN MY FREE $20 OVER TO $700 THEN?) He then went on to tell me that i would have to make a deposit of $21 or more to retrieve my $100 winnings. I got annoyed and shut the chat window.

After a small while i decided to try to get some sense from some one else on the help being connected to a lady named joan who was far better suited to the task than the first man..

Joan listened what i had to say and said although i did not have to deposit the $21 that the previous man had said i still could only withdraw 100 dollars, why do they make these offers and not tell you the full story? surely its false advertisement?/

I thank her for her help and asked if i could make a complaint to which she said she would pass it on to uppe rmanagement and shut the chat window.

Company is a shambles and is robbing people. Even dick turpin wore a mask. safe to say i will not be depositing anymoney in the casino titan accounts after this rubbish.

posted on December 9, 2012.

To make matters worse the total is now at 11 grand