Casino Titan Major Jackpot

posted on November 11, 2011.

On Oct. 30, while playing in a tournament at casino titan, i won the major jackpot of $4,000. Well, shaking because i have never won anything, I got out of the tournament and went to live chat to see what i do to get the money, and they said if its during the tournament , the jackpots are credited to your tournament score. I THINK NOT!!!!!!i i Am disputing this. when you win a jackpot shouldnt the money come to me not the tournament. I am very disappointed. I have written titan casino several times, and have not received an answer. I really think if that is the rule, it stinks. im always seeing the names of people that win the jackpots advertized. I am not a person that complains, but i won that jackpot fair and square, and it should be deposited in my account, not to go to the tournament score. which by the way i didnt win. can someone help me? molly nelson

posted on November 13, 2011.

hello nelsonmolly,

please send me your Casino Titan username and i'll help you with this issue.