Casino Titan ' Down', Another 'Sister' Casino Urging to Open Account

Joe Dougherty United States
posted on July 20, 2015.

So Casino Titan has been 'down' all day (07/20/2015). Curious, I uninstalled the program, then tried to reinstall it. Any action like this redirects me to WinPalace casino. When I explained I was just trying to recover my Casino Titan account (and asked why the program that became downloaded was WinPalace), I get a scripted response that 'Casino Titan' is running maintenance, but in the meantime...' urging me to open an account with them because they're 'sister casinos'.

I don't care to open an account with another casino. I care to play the well-deserved credits I have residing with Casino Titan.

Something smells very funny here. Wondering if I'll ever get my credits back from Casino Titan.

posted on July 25, 2015.

Casino is closed, we consider this complaint unresolved. We recommend to the player to seek further help with licence authority that issued their licence.