Casino Titan - Having troubles with withdrawals

gramma54 United States
posted on November 4, 2014.

I made a withdraw on 10/24/14 . been waiting for approval. In my account it has 500.00 approved. 600.00 placed back into my balance. I requested the whole 1100.00. I do not want to not only wait on 2 separate amounts, & also pay 2 separate wire transfer fees. I did speak to Chat. Also emailed my account manager. Now I am asking for AskGamblers assistance in this matter.

posted on November 11, 2014.

Dear @gramma54,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

gramma54 United States
posted on November 12, 2014.

Daniel contacted me today VIA email. Updating me the Clickturbine issue was resolved. My funds were available to withdraw. My issue mainly was the fact the Casino split my original 1,100 withdraw request into 2 sums. I was under the withdrawal limit. Now I will have to wait another month for the remainder 600.00. I am not the only player from this Casino to see this happen. I feel its not fair. I am going forth in the withdrawal of the 500.00. I will see how prompt Casino Titan is with the balance of 600.00 of which I have requested.
I thank you & will keep you informed.

gramma54 United States
posted on November 13, 2014.

Well the 600.00 withdrawal request was okd for 500.00 100.00 put back into my account balance. This is so unfair....wait for 500.00....wait again for will wait after that for the 100.00, Im sure they expect me to just play that 100.00 placed back.NOT going to happen I will get ALL my winnings!