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Casino Plex - 17 000 Euro lost

posted on April 4, 2013.

So basically, i just started using this casino after i had received a text message from them on my phone.

I logged on at deposited 500 Euros and then recieved 1000 bonus. I lost everything.

I then deposited another 500 Euros and lost everything again.

A few days later i deposited another 500 Euros, but i had 1.30 Euro left into my account.

And got an extra 100 to play with.

I managed to get it up to 17000 Euro then clicked to withdraw my money and before i knew my whole amount just disappeared, and i could only withdraw my initial 1500 that i deposited over the first few days. I did get a message about wagering and bonus will be lost, i was tired it was 4 in the morning, but i only thought it would be the 100 bonus that they gave me for the 500 Euro.

After long forum chats and their respones, they said because i had 1.30 from my previous deposits i didn't meet the wagering requirements. So i lost 17 000 from 1.30.

I really find this quite unfair, at least they should have left the reminder of my amount, 15500 Euro to played so i could meet the WR, instead they take it all away without any proper explanation on their site about this type of WR.

There has been a whole discussion here


Where many of the users have said this is just un acceptable! I understand they have WR and terms and conditions, but seeing 17 000 disappear in a click of a button is just really upsetting.

All i really want is that amount back so i can try meet the WR. Which will be a difficult task in itself.

posted on April 9, 2013.

With regards to this complaint, I, as CasinoPlex representative have checked the history of this particular player and here are my findings :

On the 26th March 2013 player deposited 500 Euro and got bonus of 1000 Euro with 50x wagering requirement

He lost all the balance less 31,30 Euro without reaching the wagering requirements which were clearly stated in this offer.

On the 31st March 2013 the player played using the 31,30 Euro in his balance and deposited 500 EUR when the balance went down to 2,5 Euro and got another 100 Euro Bonus ( 50x wagering requirement ), so he started to play again with 602.50 Euro and with a wagering requirement of min 1000 to play.

Player decided to play on European roulette where Stake % Contribution is only 5% as stated at http:/­/ww­w.c­asi­nop­­m/b­onu­s-t­ermsso it means that he had to wager another 20,000 Euro before withdrawing winnings.

He decided to withdraw at 04:02 GMT with a balance of €17,007.50 and system automatically cut 14,407.50 of winnings + 1,000 of first bonus + 100 of second bonus

Following that, the player got 362 Euro converting comp points in real money and continued to play at BlackJack Multihand 5 and now he has 12 Euro in his balance

All is totally clear and right also because, apart from the clear rules stated on the CasinoPlex website, where rules are stated very well, player can:

1) Check, all the time in cashier menu, the status of wagering required, wagering reached , bonus balance and real balance.

2) Each time a player accepts a bonus , a pop up tells him there is a wagering requirement attached and he is free to accept or refuse the bonus

3) When a player tries to effect a withdrawal, it is clearly stated in each withdrawal method that if he withdraws without reaching the wagering required, bonuses and winnings will be deducted,

The message also invites the player to check in the bonus section in the cashier menu to see exactly how much he has to play or if reached, the wagering requirement

4) Player can check in cashier all the history, bet by bet , transaction by transaction

In any case we can post all screenshots showing all details mentioned above, including all player transactions and bonuses earned with date and time

posted on April 11, 2013.

Good day, you have requested withdrawal via Envoy, which will be processed on Monday however if you wish, we can cancel this withdrawal and process it via credit card today. Let us know your opinion in this respect. Thanks and regards, CasinoPlex_Rep