All Slots Casino - Not paying out or acknowledge my documents

posted on July 30, 2014.

Username rach1
I won money and requested a withdrawal. After sending my documentation requested exactly as they asked 4 times I recieved an email ackowledging that I sent the documentation but asking for that same documentation? !
I will sent the same documentation. In the meantime they reversed my withdrawal even though I sent 4 emails with the information you required. I went to witdraw the money again. This initial amount that I won met the requirements of the casino.. but because I had used loyalty points after my withdrawal I found now that I couldnt withdraw.. how convieniant for the casino....
I then met the requirements again. I wasn't able to get hold of anyone either!
Please just pay me

posted on July 31, 2014.

let me know your account number and I will check it; getting documents approved can be a annoying process, but once done all withdrawals will go smoothly...



posted on July 31, 2014.

Thanks for responding. I don't know a account number just my username as rach1
..ive looked everywhere for my account number csn you tell me where to find it?

posted on August 2, 2014.

I have to say..I was paid today ;) thanks very much im very happy with this casino and perhaps was ovwrly worried due to the reviews I found. This is now solved and im over the moon thank you all slots ;)