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Casino Fiz - need my money

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino Fiz
Reason Amount not credited
Posted on May 16, 2014

i have did this oready they took my money off my creited card than locked my acount why wont you all do any thing about it i thought that was why you all are here to help people they took my moneyi have the paper showing they took 25.00 i havent even got to p,lay it they locked me out i need help this is 2 times iv did this now something need to be done before alot of people lose there money i want my money back they wont talk to me

Posted on February 25, 2014

I did send one you all are not doing any thing it been almost a year and I still haven't got my money you let these casinos do this to people you all get of the money they take have fun with it

Posted on February 25, 2014

Hello Deb,

My name is Shawn. I've read your complaint and I will query the casino on your behalf to find out the details of what occurred and resolve the issue. If you could please give me more details at shawna­ffc­oin­[email protected]­mai­, including your casino user name or email address so we can address this for you.

Kind Regards,


Posted on February 25, 2014

 @deb444, please use the option to reply directly to this complaint, instead of posting all your comments as new complaints. Thank you.

@shawn, you have the player's details stated in the first automated email about this complaint. If you canot find it, please let me know and I'll send them again.

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