Casino Fiz - I want my winnings

Happi62 Germany
posted on November 9, 2012.

Hi together,

I have the same problems with Casino Fiz. I have there 3 withdraws and they are not willing to pay any cent. The offered payment of withdraws with 4-5 days. But nothing happens.

I sent them 7 times my documents. In other online casinos I got with the same docs my withdraw within the promissed time. The email adress at their homepage is wrong, if you call the telephone number you speak allways with an answering machine. The support isnt working as promissed for 24 hours. And allways the same and stupid answere from the Live support if you catch them. Your documents must be sent again We are missing the faxback,

we dont have an evidence of your living place and they got it seven times. Phone bill with full name and adress. Passport and also their own used faxform. If you ask after a responsible person and phone number you dont get an answere . They interrupted chats. For one day they confirm that they got it on another you have to send docs again. Stupid work but I think trhey cont can pay Be careful. Who make the same experience or can help.???