188BET Casino - They reset a completely unlocked Great Hall of Spins at Thunderstruck II, 2 months and still investigating!!

david green United Kingdom
posted on April 8, 2015.

I first had an issue with 188bet casino in Feb this year when using the casino all of the slot games had 'ERROR 2' appear when I tried to play and I contacted customer support with regards to this, After over a week of chasing to get this resolved I was able to use the casino again.

When I did I was regularly playing THUNDERSTRUCK 2 slot game and had filled all 16 boxes on the Great Hall Of Spins feature meaning that each time I was awarded the feature I was given the option of the better features having played through a fortune in order to build up to that point.

When I went back onto this game following the previous issue being resolved, The Great Hall Of Spins features had all been reset and I had lost all of what I had paid my money to build up and was forced to start all over again which I do not deem as fair.

I contacted 188Bet customer support a number of times since 7th Feb 2015 and was constantly told that the issue was being looked into by their relevant department or it was being delt with by their tech team and I got no updates or anything from them unless I phoned customer support and was then made to wait 48 hours for return phone calls or emails which most of the time I did not get.

It is now over 2 months since I brought this issue to the attention of 188 Bet and finally have had enough of being fobbed off and lied to by customer support, I have provided everything they have requested from me and gave them more than enough time to resolve this issue but today I ended up closing my account as I can't handle the stress that they are putting me under...I just wanted my issue resolved and reasonably compensated for their error that cost me what I had spent my money to achieve.

david green United Kingdom
posted on April 10, 2015.

Yesterday I had a response from 188bet with this included.....

We acknoweldge receipt of your email regarding your reported issue on Casino. Please be advised that your Great Hall of Spins has been reset once after a system upgrade

Ok.....SO after 2 months and nothing but being messed around they finally admit that it was reset so surely now they should compensate me for resetting the Great Hall Of Spins features that I had paid my money to achieve!!