Casino Cruise -Giving me hard time with verification

Lulu Guyana
posted on March 11, 2016.

I opened an account at this casino in February. I took the 20 real money free spins sign up bonus that had no wagering requirements. From the spins I amassed $7 and some cents. Lady luck was on my side and I ended up winning about $180 then things started going downhill. With a little over $120 (this dropped to 60 during the wait to get docs, approved) in my account I inquired from livechat about withdrawing since I felt my balance was going to hit zero if I continued playing. The agent said I had to make a deposit first and could only withdraw $100 of my winnings from the free spins plus submit screenshot of verified payment method (Neteller), proof of address and copy of ID card. I made the deposit and submitted ALL documents. Then the excuses and stalling started. First up, I got an email saying that my proof of address and Neteller docs. were rejected. Instead of sending a utility bill I sent a copy of my bank statement showing my address. I had to explain that I do not have utilities in my name and the bank statement from a bank where I have an account and is very well known and reputable should be enough as proof of ad. since the statement is mailed to me and contains my name, address etc. Then my Neteller screenshot was rejected although it showed the deposit made to casino cruise because I forgot to click on the icon top right which shows name, email ad. etc. I corrected this then the emails stopped and my withdrawal was still pending! After a couple days I inquired on livechat about the payment and lo and behold a new issue surfaced right there and then. Now my ID card was being rejected! I was told my ID card was invalid because it was decommissioned! I explained via email and live chat that my ID card which I presently use for all transactions in my country including the bank and insurance is a valid doc. does not have an expiry date, has my ID number, personal details etc. My ID card is only not valid for voting because right before the last election a new ID was commissioned specifically for the electoral purpose. My card which is the version before this is valid for all transactions presently except voting just like some people still have the old version of passports and insurance cards. Apparently, someone at Casino Cruise just googled, saw the headline and didn't read the articles. I even attached various links pertaining to this and urged them to read it. Then the next email from then informed me that my money was rolled back! Their attitude just to withdraw a petty little sum is like trying to gain access to some top secret nuclear facility or the Pentagon. A normal casino just requires an ID card but this looks like it would need fingerprints and stool samples next. A recent bank statement showing name, address, acc.number etc, a genuine ID card that was issued by the govt, that confirms personal details and a verified Neteller acc. is not enough! I had to ask if they are working for the election commission rather than admit they are wrong and do not want to pay since if they actually read the articles and take a microscope to my docs, they woud know that they are genuine. I find it hard to believe that people actually get any money from this casino since to get $60 (no sort of big win) from them is like trying to break into the White house just imagine what winning a few hundreds would require. I am very disappointed, does it make sense even to play the roll back because I don't know whether I would get paid if by a long shot I win a couple twenties? Isn't the purpose of document checks to verify identity? Next they might want to read up on gambling laws in your countries after you win anything and inform you that you are breaking them when you try to withdraw, this is not so hard to imagine. Another thing, Neteller depositors cannot accept welcome match bonuses (and maybe others) so if you are not careful and read everything when you try to withdraw the 'terms and conditions' knocks you in the face. There are other complaints too which might fill several pages....

Lulu Guyana
posted on March 15, 2016.

I am truly beginning to believe that Casino Cruise is a criminal enterprise... After being on 'pending status' for quite a while my $60 was rolled back without me doing the rolling back! Then I got an email requesting another form of ID to process ' future withdrawals', I decided to be indulgent and sent a copy of the information page of my valid machine readable passport. All four corners are showing, on the top of this page has the name of my country, my picture, passport no., type, country code,names, nationality, date of birth, date of issue, date of expiry,gender,place of birth, place of issue plus coded info etc. It is an absolutely clear picture and the only page in my passport that has my personal details, the others are for visas. Now I get an email from this casino stating "Passport must show all 4 corners including upper and lower page and the document is too unclear'. There is ONE page on my passport with my info. and I submitted a copy of the entire page showing all my details, do they want to see my visas now? I will submit this doc to ASKGAMBLERS to judge also. This casino already has copies of my verified Neteller acc, bank statement showing address and ID card, all showing the exact same name and date of birth. After the $60 was rolled back I played a bit with it and it reduced to $50, and requested a withdrawal at the same time when I sent the copy of my passport info, the withdrawal is still pending. I am surprised that this casino has not been blacklisted and gamblers warned, I am sick of this crap and the interaction with Casino Cruse has now ventured into the realm of stupidity, ridiculousness and 'online conning'.

posted on March 16, 2016.

Hi Lulu,

This is to let you know that we have read your complaint. We are looking into it and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Casino Cruise

Lulu Guyana
posted on March 17, 2016.

Thank you ASKGAMBLERS, especially Stephanie who was assigned to my case. You guys rock at helping the poor, voiceless gamblers who find themselves being dealt with like used toilet paper by online casinos. I thought I would have had to post myself in a barrel to Casino Cruise headquarters to prove my identity but you really helped me get my 'ice-cream dough' in a timely manner by publicizing my dilemma compared to the stress inducing emails, chats and 'begging' I had to undertake that was all in vain. Thank you.

posted on March 17, 2016.

Dear Lulu,

I have been advised by our Customer Support that your funds reached your account yesterday – 16.03.

Please confirm.

Our Financial department decided to make an exception in order to resolve this case without any more delays.

The player failed to provide us with the necessary documents and the account is still not verified.

We would like to emphasize that our intention was and is to ensure that players funds no matter how small or large are sent to the correct party, first and foremost these are our obligations to the player, and to the license regulators.

We can assure you that there was never any intention to mislead or cause the player any undue distress.

Kind Regards,
Casino Cruise

Lulu Guyana
posted on March 19, 2016.

I believe there was no intention to cause undue distress just as I believe that pigs can fly! From my most recent post you can deduce that I received my withdrawal after I lodged a complaint on this forum.
As it relates to your claim of me not providing the necessary documents then I don't know what the word 'necessary' means anymore. I submitted a screenshot of my verified e-wallet account showing the deposit made to you and my account details. A bank statement showing my name, address and other details as proof of address. Lastly, a copy of an ID card which has no expiry date and was issued by the govt. After, you refused to accept this ID card I sent a copy of the info. page of my passport which you then claim was 'not clear' and you needed shots of the top and bottom of the page. How many pages are in one page? I took a shot of the entire page (the only one with my info) and which even a person with poor eyesight can read. Plus only the tip of my finger (one) is on one edge of the page (I explained this to you) because my passport is not a card but a booklet which would not lay flat and pose for a shot unless I hold it open and the info. page is covered with a thin film of plastic (the immigration people put it there not me) that can be reflective and obscure details if not held at the right angle that is another reason why the tip of my finger is on the very edge of the page (the hand was hidden behind). I assure you there is no Norse code at the very edge that was hidden but since you have such a world class investigative team that is so good at research then they can easily research a genuine copy of my country's passport and compare like they did with my ID card. In ending, I think it will be good for you to demonstrate how to twist and bend a passport in such a way that it lays flat independently without damaging since I don't want to risk this happening which would entail having to get an affidavit of damaged passport from a lawyer, being question by an officer about why my passport is damaged and having to pay triple the fee and wait triple the time that a 'normal' request would entail. Also, are you willing to share some of the money you have set aside for Goodwill during the year to cover my expenses if this arises? If yes, then I will fulfill your request...

posted on March 21, 2016.

Based on the player's confirmation regarding the received withdrawal this case has been marked as resolved and officially closed.