- Can't make a withrawal

teghlilcasino United Kingdom
posted on April 9, 2014.

hi Gamblers there , i wanna raise my compaint about

i joined and i deposited 120 pounds and i played and luckily i won on roulette , i tried to withdraw 250 pounds ,then i received an email saying to scan and send my ID, bankcard ,and my statement showing my name and address .

so i had scanned and emailed them to .Then ,the trouble started ,i received an Email saying that the signature on my ID was not clear although the scanner i used was high definition and also they said that the bank statement is more than 3 months ( date on statement was 17 /01/2014 and i sent it on 8/03/2014) less than three months.

they even locked my casino account and i received an email saying that they looked my account for security reason ,i have not received an explanation for that

so i need a clear explanation of that from :

so gamblers just be careful , i just feel that this website seems suspicious to me , they are not be able even to pay 250 pounds

posted on April 15, 2014.


In we take the KYC process with the utmost seriousness as it upholds the integrity and trustworthiness of our operations. These measures are central to compliance with our regulatory requirements relating to player/account KYC. Please rest assured that these measures are applied consistently and genuinely.

This account failed our KYC check which triggered the request for documentation and the account being blocked. As per our general T&C’s at Section 6.5 we are entitled to request documentation and or take measures to restrict accounts at our discretion.

Unfortunately, our Security Department informs us that satisfactory documentation is still outstanding, as some of the docs provided are not of the required standard.

While we understand the player’s frustrations, he has to provide the right documents for us to review so that we can consider re-opening his account.

Alternatively, If player so wishes, he can contact us directly to withdraw funds available in his account upon providing satisfactory documentation, and allow the account to remain closed.

Considering that we feel that we provided all the information required for this issue to be solved in agreeable terms for both parties, we will prefer to keep any communication about this subject directly with the player trough our customer services.

Best Regards, Support team.

posted on April 18, 2014.

Dear player,

Please inform us is this issue resloved or not. Thank you.


teghlilcasino United Kingdom
posted on April 21, 2014.

hi AskGamblers

it has not been solved yet , it is becoming more complicated

i asked to withdraw 250 pounds and i only received 220 pounds , and my account is still blocked

i scanned and emailed them my bank statement of the last three months showing my full name ,my new address my company logo . and i explained on the email that i have changed my address and i am not using my old address any more

Then , they replied : ( Please note that your proof of address is an online statement and has got a different address than the one in your account.)

So, i need a clear explanation of why i received only 220 pounds and i requested to withdraw 250 pounds (30 pounds missing ) and could they explain why they haven't updated my new address and kept saying to me the address is different from the one on my account

i am waiting for their reply

posted on April 25, 2014.


We have acted in good faith and in accordance with our T&Cs and we advise the player to contact us directly so that we can explain to him the process and reassure him that he has not in any way lost out.
Please note we will not enter into further correspondence on this matter on this forum

Many Thanks

Mansion Casino
Customer Support Team