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Dunder Casino - Cancelled Withdrawals & Now Suspended Account

Grumpy1 United Kingdom
Posted on March 21, 2018.

Joined Dunder in Nov/Dec 2017. Seemed like a good casino provider, and initially winnings were paid quickly.
In January 2018, Dunder asked me to complete a Source of Income declaration and submit with verifications evidence. I did this and sent 20/01/2018.
Carried on depositing, sometimes winning. Then....On Friday 23 February 2018, again, I was asked by Dunder to fill a slightly different Source of Income/Enhanced Disclosure form. I did this, and sent with proof of where my income comes from on Monday 26 February. I thought it would be processed quickly like the first time - but no!!!

Although Dunder let me continue depositing, I had 4 outstanding withdrawals, 22/2 (£1260), 23/2 (£800), 25/2 (£750), 26/2 (£450) - they just said Awaiting Approval.

When I chased I just got automated responses to my queries.

On 1/3/2018 I chased the initial verification submission, in case I'd missed something out.
10 minutes after I emailed them, I got an email addressed to 'Debby' asking for an enhanced declaration. I emailed back, saying I had already submitted mine, my name wasn't 'Debby', and when would my withdrawals be processed. Another automated response. Also offered to send all my data and form through again. Automated response.

2/3/2018 - I sent an complaint email - automated response. I also contacted Dunder online customer services, and they said they couldn't assist with any further info.

4/3/2018 - Finally, 'Jack' from Dunder sent me an email saying: Please be advised that your documents has been received and that they have been forwarded to the relevant department in order to be reviewed, as part of the verification process. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and we are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused and for the delay in this matter, as soon as we´ve received an update regarding your query we will send you a confirmation via email.

5/3/2018 - All my withdrawals were cancelled. I emailed (automated response) & did online Customer Services (advised me to request withdrawal again) - so I did (£2500.00, played and lost the rest).

12/3/2018 - Again my withdrawal for £2500.00 was cancelled and this time they also suspended my account so I can no longer get into it at all.

12/3/2018 - I tell them I am going to make an external complaint and get this email back: "We would like to inform you that we are requesting further financial information and documentation from you in order to satisfy our legal obligations under the Proceeds of Crime Act as well as our regulatory obligations with the Gambling Commission.

We have obligations to perform Customer Due Diligence, which means that we need to obtain documentation in order to understand the provenance and sources of funds of our customers. We need to ensure that the funds used in depositing has been obtained through legitimate means and under regulations applicable to us we need to collect documentation which proves the legitimacy of those sources. We can only [approve withdr­awa­ls/­rea­ctivate accounts] once our compliance team is satisfied with the documentation provided. Further to that, we must ensure that our customers are playing within their means. This requires us to request further documentation from time to time to satisfy our regulatory obligations and ensure that our services are provided to you in a fun and fair manner.
We understand that this involves sharing sensitive data with us, however we wish to reassure you that your documents are safe and secure with us and will be kept strictly confidential.
Rest assured that as soon as we are satisfied we will reactivate your account and we have no intention of keeping your funds longer than is necessary.

- So, I asked them WHAT else they want, tell me and I'll send it - and guess what no response from them ever again (it's now 18/3/2018) - they still have my £2500 AND my account is suspended. And no further communication.

They are absolutely either (a) useless or (b) cheats

Posted on March 26, 2018.

This complaint has been reopened as per Dunder Casino request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reaching to a satisfactory resolution.

Posted on March 30, 2018.

Hi Grumpy1

I'm sorry you are disappointed by your experience at Dunder, this is not something we like to hear.

However on this occasion we are bound by UK legislation that dictates that we must follow strict procedures around KYC, AML and Responsible Gambling. As part of this our Service Provider have their own policies including Source of Income Declaration as you point out.

We have requested a document that will allow us to proceed here over a week ago but are still to receive it. As soon as we do we are hopeful we can rectify this whole issue. Please get in contact with us so we can move this forward for you.

Again I want to really emphasise here that this isn't us creating a barrier to you for our own gain but that we are following the Legislation in place within the UK market.



Grumpy1 United Kingdom
Posted on March 31, 2018.

Hi - I think you must have your timelines mixed up.

At 4pm on 24/3/2018 Dunder finally specified further exact documents required from me, to ensure that :"you have the money to keep up the spending behaviour that you have in our site".

At 2.31pm on 29/3/2018 I sent these to Dunder.
On 29/3/2018 Dunder responded to my sending these documents saying it needed to see "all 4 corners of the documents" : "Could you please send us another photos of the pages with all 4 corners visible?"

Today on 31/3/2018 I sent images with all 4 corners (I am not sure what the relevance of corners of documents is - sounds like pure prevarication to me).

It's now over a month that my withdrawal of £2500 has been hindered.

Shockingly awful customer service.

Posted on April 3, 2018.


Sadly I have no further updates on the above. We are still waiting confirmation from our Supplier on the documents sent over by the player above. As soon as we have more information I will revert back.



Grumpy1 United Kingdom
Posted on April 6, 2018.

So - it's now 20.36 (8.36pm) on Friday 6th April - almost a week after I sent the 3rd tranche of documents to Dunder, as requested - and 6 weeks after I attempted to withdraw my honestly won money (February!!!) ...... and I have heard absolutely NOTHING further from them since I sent these documents on 31st March... Joke is obviously on me..... I would strongly suggest you try to avoid

Posted on April 10, 2018.

Dear Dunder Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

Posted on April 11, 2018.


Our service supplier were able to fully verify the documents that were sent over by Grumpy1 and the withdrawals were processed.

Again we apologise for the delay in this matter but it was something we had to undertake with our service supplier as per the regulations in place.



Posted on April 11, 2018.

Dear @Grumpy1,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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