Bulldog777 Casino - Withdraw not given :(

posted on April 1, 2014.

Hi can I ask for your help please? I joined this casino about 3 months ago and played through the bonus requirements and made a small withdraw of winnings plus intial deposit. It took a lot of time (few days) to verify details and then a further 2 weeks to pay this amount into my skrill account. Then one day I decided to have another go, 2 weeks for withdraw is not great I know but at least I knew they were a company that paid out. I put in £50 and followed through the bonus etc. was lucky enough after a couple of days to withdraw £300, this is where it gets tricky as this was on the 7th feb!! I have had 28 point of contacts with them and they have always been polite and answered me but always with the excuse that the person whom dealt with withdraws was away and I would be paid upon their arrival back to work. Now last Monday I was informed they had returned but they are sorting out other areas first before dealing with withdraws, yet you can still deposit? This seems very unfair to me :(

Can you guys help please? Regards Sam