Boyle Casino - Refusing to honour their bonus

chrisjones1986 United Kingdom
posted on January 8, 2016.

Boylesports casino offered a promo over Christmas which was clearly stated as "Stake £1000 on the casino, get a £100 cash bonus". This is well documented and accepted by boyles themselves.

I played the £1000 stake and a few days later checked my account, they had credited a £10 cash bonus instead of the £100 and changed the terms and conditions on the promo to match.

I spoke to live chat support straight away and they did their usual spouting of terms and conditions basically saying they can do whatever they want. Unfortunately for them their own terms and conditions CLEARLY contradicted what they were saying. The term they specifically quoted states very clearly that they are within their right to change the terms and conditions of any promo at anytime they like but it also says that the change will only come into action from the time that the change is made. That means that since the change in terms came 1 day after I did my wagering they have no right according to their own terms to refuse to payout the bonus.

Followed continued complaints on LC (and I assume many other people affected by this as well) they accepted that this wasn't fair and said that they have contacted the relevant department and "management" to get a resolution on this.

It's now been 2 weeks and I've been asking daily for an update, they are simply posting a cut and pasted statement saying it's being investigated and we will be informed when management have made a decision.

Clearly they're intending to do nothing and wait for people to give up on it. They need to pay the £100 bonus or at the very least refund my wagering losses whilst qualifying for the promotion as this was clearly played in good faith that this promo would be honoured.

All in all this is an absolutely embarrassing situation that boyles have got themselves into. Bookies are lightening quick to quote any terms that a player has broken but when they clearly break the rules themselves they aren't interested.

I'm pursuing a complaint with boyles themselves which will no doubt be ignored so I'm now coming here and will go anywhere else to publicize this disgraceful behavior. I will take it as far as I need too on principle.

posted on January 16, 2016.

Dear @chrisjones1986,

Any updates regarding your complaint? Thank you.

chrisjones1986 United Kingdom
posted on January 16, 2016.

No update at all from boyles, their most recent correspondence with me via LC was that they wouldn't pay me but they were happy to discuss it via any 3rd party routes that I decided to take. Clearly that also was a lie as there has been no response to this complaint whatsoever.

Worth noting as well that a similar complaint for the same offer that was posted on this very site shortly before mine was resolved and Boyles paid out the money that was rightly owed. Proof that they are discriminating by paying some people and not others as was mentioned in my initial complaint.

An absolutely disgraceful unethical company all round.

posted on January 18, 2016.

We been informed by casino management that issue with a Christmas bonus promotion is presented in front of official regulatory body of Boyle Casino. We consider this complaint unresolved until casino send to AskGamblers Complaint Team a decision of the regulatory body.