Bovada Casino- They have failed to return my $100 deposit

posted on November 29, 2012.

On 11/19/12 at 1:00am, I went on line and registered to play at casino depositing $100.00 from debit card. If found that I could not download casino. I sent written inquiry to customer service. They responded within one half hour explaining that their casino cannot be downloaded on ipads or tablets because those devises do not have an adobe flash. I informed them that I was using that equipment.

I immediately called customer service and requested that my money be returned. They told me that it would take 5-10 days. I was not happy with that delay. They said they had a lot of money to send to casino patrons and return were made in order they were received. Well, today is the tenth day and I had not heard from Bovada.

I made another call today, 11/29/12. I was informed that there was awaiting period for money to be returned. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The person I spoke with did no want to let me speak with anyone else. She finally put another female on phone. That person said her name was Chris. She refused to give last name or title. She eventually told me that she was "supervisor of the casino".

Chris ask why I didn't just use another computer. I told her that I just wanted my money back. She then said that they did not have capability to return money to debit/credit cards.

I asked for name of her supervisor or manager. She repeated that she was casino manager. I then asked for name of CEO or casino President. She refused. I told her that I would notify my bank and also see if I could bring theft by deception charges against casino.

posted on January 23, 2013.

 Received an email that deposit is returned, together with international fees! Complaint solved!