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BOSS Casino - Payment of €5.000 delayed for over 2 weeks


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Posted on April 8, 2019

Hi, I have made an 5000 euros withdrawal 19.03.2019.
Second day bosscasino.com asked me provide source of deposits documents. This surprised me, because Decmember 2018 they have checked those and approved my documents, my account manager told me this is one time checking, will not have this kind of checking anymore. But they asked again, anyway, I have sent all documents they asked. Now half a month passed already. They still does not want to pay my winnings. They just have continuing words: still checking. My account manager told me it would take 3 days, but now 18days. they still does not want to pay me.

Posted on April 8, 2019

Now three weeks already since I made my withdrawal requests.
If bosscasino doesn’t accept my account now anymore, so they need to refund my deposits since 22.12.2018. Because 18.12.2018 I made 4193 euros withdrawals, they asked me documents to prove sources of deposit, 21.12.2018 they accepted my documents and approved my withdrawals 4193 euros, it means they accept my account at least 21.12.2018 so far.
If they don’t accept my account anymore, they can’t just keep my deposits and winnings like this, at least they need to refund me all deposits from 22.12.2018 which is 11890 euros.

Posted on April 8, 2019

After I contacted casino about my request and informed them I contacted MGA, now they sent me email that they refused my withdrawals and just refund my last 1000 euros deposit, the reason is “ I didn’t give them documents to prove deposit money resources “ . This is lie, they have conformed that they got all documents they needed from me already . Ok, if says they don’t accept my documents, why just refund my last deposit?

Posted on April 8, 2019

Here is the account manager told they got all documents from me already

Posted on April 8, 2019

And I was promised this kind of check is one time, they already checked and accepted in December. Below are evidence

Posted on April 9, 2019

Hi, askgamblers! It’s so unbelievable bosscasino really just refunded my last 1000 euros deposit and blocked my account!
1, I have sent all documents casino asked.
2, casino did tell me would not have this kind of check anymore and my future withdrawals would not have problems after December 2018 check (I still have email of it)
3, If said they don’t accept my account, how can they just refunded my last deposit? Not all deposits made after 21.12.2018 or all deposits since I joined the casino?
4, I was premier vip membership there, this is the way how bosscasino treat player and cheat players.
5, unbelievable behavior ,which even can get license from MGA. I have sent email to MGA support, haven’t heard anything yet, but as my experience, MGA will contact me . At the same time I want to keep this complaint here to see how bosscasino “solve “ this complaint. I guess they would say” I weren’t able to give the documents to prove the source of my deposits” . They did confirm they got all information already, and if need something more, why they don’t ask from me , just refund my last deposit? What kind of rights they have to keep my winnings or my deposits? What kind of this behavior is?

Posted on April 9, 2019

I remember bosscasino previous complaint from another player had same time and same problems as me at December 2018, so after that kind of KYC finished, I did ask my account manager if would have this kind of check in future again, she did tell me no and I wouldn’t have problems for my withdrawals in future. I believed her words. That player was smarter than me stop playing with them.

Posted on April 9, 2019

Hello Sarayang and AskGamblers Team!
In December 2018 Finance department of our casino requested the player to provide additional documents while processing withdrawal request.
During additional checks no suspicions considering transactional activity have arisen, the documents have been accepted and casino made a decision to continue cooperation with the player.
Till 03-19-2019 our company stuff did everything possible for the user to be satisfied with our service quality and speed.
- Our account manager Maddi Thornton did maximum effort to offer individual promotions (unavailable for other players), as well as was dealing with any urgent questions that could arise in the process of user activity.
- Financial Department processed user’s withdrawal requests in the shortest terms.
To confirm the abovementioned statements, we would like to show the following statistics of individual bonuses added to the player’s account and withdrawal processing terms (from 01.01.2019 till 19.03.2019):
List of individual bonuses assigned to user’s account by Maddi Thornton:
2019-01-21 50% EUR
2019-01-24 MADDI 60% EUR
2019-01-30 MADDI 60% EUR
2019-02-12 60% EUR
2019-02-26 MADDI 60% EUR
2019-02-28 50% EUR
2019-03-01 60% EUR
2019-03-06 MADDI 60% EUR
2019-03-07 50% EUR
2019-03-13 MADDI 60% EUR
2019-03-14 50% EUR.
User’s withdrawal requests had the highest priority for us:
E.g. withdrawal request dated 2019-01-23 9:23:50 (withdrawal request placement) -2019-01-23 16:20:09 (withdrawal processed)

On 01-24-2019 player made a deposit, later created a withdrawal request.
Unfortunately, due to a system malfunction, this particular withdrawal request multiplied x4 and as a result, 4 withdrawal requests for the same amount were formed.
Later by contacting our account manager Maddi Thornton, the player asked to speed up withdrawal while concealing the issue of withdrawal requests being multiplied. Player didn’t report us about the issue, which is considered a breach of our terms of use, and intention to influence our checks.

On the 24.01.2019, as soon as the difference between the withdrawal requests count and actual player balance has been discovered by our team, the player didn’t comment on the fact of intentionally concealing information about our system vulnerability.

This incident forced us to pay more attention to the user’s gaming and transactional activity.

Player’s statement, that additional document request in December should have been a one-time procedure, contradicts the following paragraphs of our Terms and Conditions:
5.3. All transactions made by players on our site are checked to prevent money laundering and all other illegal activity.
5.4. By agreeing to the Terms, you authorize us to undertake such Checks as we may require ourselves or may be required by third parties (including regulatory bodies and authorities) to confirm your age, identity and contact details and to prevent money laundering (the "Checks").
5.7. In certain circumstances, we may have to contact you and ask you to provide further information to us in order to complete the Checks. If you do not or cannot provide us with such information then we may suspend Your Account until you have provided us with such information, or we may permanently close Your Account. Additionally, you will have to provide identification whenever you make a withdrawal of funds amounting to Two Thousand Euros (EUR 2,000) or more. Acceptable documentation to complete the Checks include:
5.7.3. Proof of payment – subject to the deposit method used (copy of the credit card used, a screenshot of e-wallet or recent bank statement).

Furthermore, there is absolutely no argumentation in player’s demand to credit back a total amount of deposits made since 12.22.2018.
Since the very moment of player registration back in 2016, the total amount of all withdrawals represents 95% of the player's total deposits amount. This data demonstrates the fact that our casino has timely and completely fulfilled its obligations to the player.
By requesting additional information our casino acted according to Terms and Conditions, that had been acknowledged and accepted by the player.
Considering the player’s statement: “I have sent all documents casino asked”.
Undoubtedly the player provided us with the full set of verification documents, requested by the Finance Department.
But the decision of withdrawals cancellation (excluding the initial depositing amount) was made, as player tried to circumvent checks of Financial Department:
- providing contradictory data;
- intentionally providing false, misleading information about own source of funds, which further couldn’t be confirmed documentary.

All of the abovementioned is a strong breach of the following paragraphs of our Terms and Conditions:
5.10 « Should we have reasonable suspicion that you have intentionally tried to circumvent or influence our Checks, conceal requested information or provide false information (e.g. by using VPN or any other services or software to hide your location), we reserve the right to void any bet you have made and/or confiscate any funds on Your Account and close Your Account.»;
13.4 « In the event of any suspicious transaction/s, the company reserves the right to suspend or block a players’ account and withhold funds as may be required by law or the competent authority, or void any bet that we suspect has been made as a result of such behavior and/or confiscate any funds on Your Account and close Your Account.».
Considering the player’s statement:
«If said they don’t accept my account, how can they just refunded my last deposit? Not all deposits made after 21.12.2018 or all deposits since I joined the casino?»
We claim that the amount of the last deposit to our casino was sent back to the player as a gesture of goodwill.

We will not disclose screenshots/mailing with the player, as we respect her privacy.
But we are ready to provide full information concerning this case to Askgamblers representative via a private secured channel.

Best regards,
Boss casino

Posted on April 9, 2019

Thanks for reply.
First of all, casino should no accuse me about that false 4times withdrawal errors! It all the time showed “ erro” when I was trying Withdrawal, I even didn’t know what happened. Second day Maddi contacted me ask me how many withdrawal request I made, I immediately answered “was one, but it all the time showed erro”After that I went to website to check and found there were 4, I sent Maddi email again and told her there were 4 withdrawals in my account. How did I try to cheat? I will try to find out those “ erro” screenshot and emails between me and Maddi.
Second, I was given deposit bonuses, but they were casino offered me.
Third, What documents I sent were false or misleading ones? As player who plays casinos alot, of course there could be many transactions, and in bank and skrill statements can show I won almost 10000 euros from one casino in January, and 16000 euros from another casino in February. I did tell casino I had winnings from other casino and casino can see all those from statement.
Fourth, please show the evidence to me and askgamblers team that I gave bosscasino false misleading documents.
Fives, which law casino uses now to keep my funds? My deposit money are legal winnings from casino.
Sixes, bosscasino can provide documents to askgamblers team , but doesn’t have right to publish any kind of my personal information.

Posted on April 9, 2019

And most important part is “ I was promised by account manager wouldn’t have this kind of check anymore “ I don’t think anyone want to go through those, I wouldn’t continue play at boss casino if I wasn’t promised. Boss casino gave me that kind of information to keep me then avoiding this promise.

Posted on April 10, 2019

Hello again!
I attach the email screenshots below about that “ erro” withdrawals in January.
I sent email to account manager to speed up the withdrawals every time, not only that time. I didn’t know there were four withdrawals came. When account manager asked , I honestly answered. It was casino technical problems, how it comes to my fault at the end and I branch the terms?
About my KYC documents, I honestly to answered also sent documents they asked, and all documents are true, not any fake papers, how at the end I’m a “ cheater “?

Posted on February 28, 2024

Based on the player's confirmation that they have submitted formal complaint in front of the official regulatory body, AskGamblers Complaints Team has no other option but to reject this complaint. 

As soon as AskGamblers Complaints Team is being notified about the regulator's final decision on the case, we will comply and mark this complaint accordingly.