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Bonzo Spins Casino - Refusal to payout legitimate winnings


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Bonzo Spins Casino


$ 13000

Posted on May 29, 2019

I tried everything to have my documents validated so I could withdraw my winnings. Finally over approximately a week they assured me that they were. Many emails to and from, I emailed support team, payments team and the managers. All the emails back were stalling in nature but positive and reassured me that my payouts were imminent. They emailed me to encourage me to continue playing my winnings as they were 'paying like crazy at the moment'. I reiterated that I would like to be paid out. They finally agreed that the account had been validated and payment was on its way. Only to receive a second email within hours stating that the 'audit team' had reviewed my payout & confiscated the money. (3 payments, a total of $13,000 AUD). This was due they said to bonus amounts & I was no longer entitled to my winnings. I had played and one these amounts with my own money, & had avoided 'free spins/bonus offerings after playing a few earlier and losing my money & reading the payout conditions, decided that was not for me. The winnings were completely financed by my own money without any of the marketing offers. The manager emailed me to say she had tried really hard & begged for me to be paid $1,500 instead. I have tried everything to contact the manager, emails as no phone number, but the do not respond. I need my money back. I have been blatantly robbed. Can you please help to rectify this situation.