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Spin Station Casino - Unfairly confiscated legitimate winnings

Gamblers2016 Netherlands
Posted on November 18, 2016.

Hello, My name is < full name removed >and in free time i like to play slots...

I have played on kaboo, dunder, poldercasino, 888casino, ComeOn casino, RedBet, Rizk, Guts and several other sites...

Lately I saw the new site Spinstation.

On internet in the netherlands i saw it was reviewed with an eight.

I have used the username: < removed >

In the terms and condition i had to wager the bonus several times as usual and use maximum 5 euro as a bet.

I did eveything as stated in those terms..

Finally i made with just 75 euro deposit 3050,- euro. I had a lot of luck!

Now they banned me for abuse of promotion and closed my account and they held my money.

They banned me due to gameplay.. I always play the same on every online casino... I spin 10 times low, 10-20 times higher then again 10-20 times higher bet and so on... till I get the bonus..

I play that way always on every site...

On some sites i won and got paid on others i lost. In total I played on about 20 different online casino's (everywhere are promotions included - daily my hotmail account is fled by promotional casino promotions - so that doesn't change or matter the issue).

The way SpinStation is handling this is absolutely incorrect. I did everthing correct. It seems like theft to me. Very strange. I am flabbergasted.

Gamblers2016 Netherlands
Posted on November 20, 2016.

Hereby proof of the email I got (see beneath here) and attached also a converstation were it says I am banned due to GAMEPLAY?!

Dear Reinout

After a review of your account by our compliance and risk team, it has become clear that you are attempting to abuse promotions.
As per clause 13.3 of the general terms and conditions http:/­/ww­w.s­pin­sta­tio­n.c­om/­?pa­ge=­terms the following actions have been taken.
1. Your account has now been terminated effective immediately.
2. Any remaining funds in your account have been returned to you.
3. You are banned from the group.

If you attempt to open up any accounts on the network all transactions will be voided and deposits returned to you and accounts terminated. A list of sites can be seen by following this link https:­//s­ecu­re.g­am­bli­ngc­omm­iss­ion.go­v.u­k/g­ccu­sto­mwe­b/P­ubl­icR­egi­ste­r/P­RSe­arc­h.a­spx­?Ex­ter­nal­Acc­oun­tId­=38720


Casino Management

Email: accoun­[email protected]­spi­nst­ati­
Live Chat available on http:/­/ww­w.s­pin­sta­tio­
18+ Please Bet Responsibly - We believe in Responsible Gambling,
For more information go to­mbl­eaw­

>>>> I did everything correct according to the terms and conditions. I play at home and at my office.

>>> I also got a chat with one of the helpdesk servants in the attachement. The email above is out of question... By the way: how can somebody abuse a bonus if he has to gamble it 35 or 40 times like every casino asks?

Gamblers2016 Netherlands
Posted on November 21, 2016.

Well.... Latest update... Finally today I did receive my money (inclusive my winnings) on my bank-account. That's a good thing!
But still I am banned on 12 casino's... Still i can not log in....Truly i liked the Spinstation website layout and the games. So please also give my account free on all sites so i can deposit and play again. I did nothing wrong and would love to play again...

Posted on November 21, 2016.

Hi Reinout Mol,

I am glad to hear you have received your funds.

These were never being held. Banks have processing time and we always advise a 2 - 5 working day time frame.

Your account has been suspended indefinitely this is because we offer promotions to our players for their entertainment, however, our risk team have come to the conclusion that you are only playing with our casino and taking the bonuses purely in the attempt to abuse them.

Therefore, we have made the decision to close your account and restrict your access across the group.

Best Wishes
Spin station casino

Gamblers2016 Netherlands
Posted on November 21, 2016.

Dear Spin Station, how is it possible to abuse a promotion?

Isn't it just marketing to offer bonusses and get a lot of clients in a casino?

Promotions are given everywhere even if you deposit 8 or 10 times at the same casino...

Some casino's have newer games or games I do not know and I go there to play them.

If a client like me does everything correct as stated in your terms and conditions how can the customer then abuse a promotion?

I really do not get that.

I joined because i saw an overall good review and you had the latest games there...

As you can see in my history at spinstation I played mostly on the newest games. And i liked it.. and i even got luck!

I can go anywhere to play, but I really did nothing wrong.

Kind regards,

Posted on November 25, 2016.

Based on submitter's post that he received his winnings, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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