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Posted on May 16, 2014

Dear Sir/Ma'am...

I have played several online casino's with no real problems. However has provided me with cause to complain.

I made an initial deposit of £200..and was given a £150 bonus. Which meant I had to achieve a target wager (amount unknown till I attempted to withdrawer). Then you get to see the amount still outstanding. So I played on till I got down to zero. Attempted to withdrawer £600. DECLINED. Reason - They needed my ID docs sending thru to them.

So I sent copies of:Passport, 3 months utilities and copy of my credit card, back and front. Next day they respond...did not receive your docs. So I send again. They also contact me to say withdrawal DECLINED. Bonus target not reached! I emailed and said my wager level went down to zero.

It was now up to several thousand! They had awarded me another bonus unknown to me. So I played some more. Attempted to withdrawer £300. DECLINED. They said they still did not get my ID docs. So I send again(third time). I now get a reply saying. They need them in color! And that may not be enough! I have suggested to them..a copy of my DNA! I would be very grateful if you look at this for me...Has this casino come up before for similar problems.


< name removed >

Posted on July 20, 2010


This is what I just received from our support:

I tried calling the member to explain to him why he is unable to withdraw funds from his account and also to advise him that his account is now verified as we have received all docs from him, however, there was no answer from him.

I have contacted the member via e-mail and explained everything to him, I have also provided him with links to the Bonus Terms and Conditions so he could see that the bonus Terms and Conditions are on the website.

As I was unable to speak to him, I have asked him to provide a telephone number and suitable time for us to call if he wishes to discuss this over the telephone.



Posted on July 20, 2010

Hi there,

My colleague from support reviewed your case thoroughly and advised the following:

I made an initial deposit of £200..and was given a £150 bonus. Which meant I had to achieve a target wager (amount unknown till I attempted to withdrawer).

Our bonus policy can be found on our website along with all wagering requirements for the bonus. Every member has to agree to the terms and conditions which entail the bonus policy as well. (ONLY your First Deposit bonus is a redeemable casino bonus. To redeem this casino bonus, you must wager a minimum of 40 times the bonus amount.

They needed my ID docs....

Also this is covered in the terms and conditions the member agreed upon sign up. Our policy is in place to protect players against online fraud and therefore requires that members may be required to verify their identity before a cash withdrawal is made. Most of our members welcome our strict security procedures as they are there to safeguard their deposits, prevent money laundering and any other fraudulent activity in our casino.

They had awarded me another bonus unknown to me.

The majority of our members appreciate our bonus awards. In cases where the bonus is not wanted we can remove the bonus if it has not been played and we can also set the member’s account so that no further bonuses will be credited. How the bonus credit was unknown to the member is beyond me as the difference between deposit and current bankroll should have alerted the member at least.

With regards to his documents: The member made his first withdrawal request on 14-07-10 and we received his first email with docs attached only 3 days later. Why he is claiming that he has sent them the same or the next day I am not sure but maybe it was a technical error in his or our email system. I cannot verify that. Unfortunately some of the docs he has sent were of inferior quality and were as a result not accept by our security department. Also some of the crucial details we need to see in these documents were blanked out (credit card not signed, certain digits blanked out).

Best, Michel

Posted on July 20, 2010

Hi, this is honeypot, ref. the replies from

Their system of bonus I find totally confusing. Which I imagine is designed that way for that purpose. However on July 18th I received an e-mail from them. Sender Elio C. I had £600 in my balance, and was told all my wagering totals were met, and that I could withdrawer whatever I wished. I cashed out £600 but like 3 times previously you guessed it. DECLINED! I have given up! I played on till I lost all. So in this instance 1 : player 0. I guess you live and learn.


PS: Thank you for looking at it for me. I do appreciate it.

Posted on July 25, 2010

Our support tried calling the member the other day and as they could not get in touch with him they explained the Bonus and Withdrawal Terms and Conditions and they also provided the member with links and directions to get to the information on the website.

After contacting the member regarding this, he replied to their e-mail requesting for his withdrawal to be cancelled so he could carry on playing.

They are unsure as to what further action to take with this member as he has been informed in many occasions of the Terms and Conditions of

Thanks in advance.



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